The cycle ‘Looks at the collection’ brings the painting ‘Reposo’ by Jesús Arencibia closer to the public

& # 039; Reposo & # 039 ;, by Jesús Arencibia.

‘Reposo’, by Jesús Arencibia.

The archivist of The Canary Museum, Fernando Betancor, will be in charge of bringing the public closer, within the framework of the cycle Looks at the collection of the Casa de Colón, the work Repose, made by the Gran Canaria painter Jesús Arencibia. The activity, which will take place on the day November 23, at 7:00 p.m., will also allow to know the artistic career of this painter.

The entrance to attend this initiative promoted by the aforementioned museum center is free, with limited capacity, and prior registration is required at Looks at the collection It is a permanent activity that since 2013 proposes a guided visit to singular works from the Casa de Colón collection, so every month it focuses its gaze and focus on a special piece.

On this occasion, Betancor will start from this work, carried out in oil on canvas, to approach the artistic career of Jesús G. Arencibia (1911-1993), an artist in the broad sense of the word, since, in addition to his brilliant contribution in the field of painting, he also made interesting forays into the field of illustration and in the sphere of scenography. All this, without forgetting its facet as carpet designer for Corpus-Christi or his interesting participation in all kinds of events that took place on his home island. “As if it were King Midas, he transformed, not into gold, but into art, everything he touched,” explains the archivist.

In addition, it will pay special attention to the easel painting made by Arencibia during the 1940s, since this was the time when the work was generated. Repose. The forties of the 20th century were especially important in the Arencibian trajectory. The organization of two individual exhibitions, in 1941 and 1944, as well as his participation in various group shows, will make him, despite the fact that he was still studying in Madrid, one of the essential painters on the island’s art scene.

The archivist also details that it was from this decade that a very unique personal poetics was going to crystallize that, regardless of its formal result, which will vary with the passage of time, will be marked by a peculiar, deep and intimate expression, emotion that will become the key piece that will give meaning, cohesion and coherence to all his work over time.

Repose It was acquired by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria at the end of 2017 and shares that deep expressive palpitation, he adds. In this oil on canvas, in which Arencibia shows her talents as a draftsman and, above all, as a colorist, there is something more. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it constitutes one of the few occasions in which the painter from Tamaraceite abandoned the religious theme with which he always felt so identified.

Career of Fernando Betancor

Fernando Betancor Pérez has been an archivist at El Museo Canario since 1999. He has a degree in Geography and History (Section: Art History, ULL), a Degree in Documentation (UC3M) and a University Specialist in Archives (UNED). His line of work and research, which has been reflected in various articles and book chapters, and in participation in various congresses, seminars and conferences, has two central axes: the history of Canarian art and documentary studies, the latter focusing on the history, organization, description, dissemination and conservation of archives and collections. The result of the commitment to disclosure in the two areas referred to is its activity on blogs and social networks.


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