The Cuys, first bolus of the National Company with punishment without revenge - The Province

The Cuys, first bolus of the National Company with punishment without revenge - The Province

The Cuyás Theater will be the first stop of the tour that next week will begin the National Classical Theater Company (CNTC) with its assembly 'The punishment without revenge', of Lope de Vega.

Directed by Helena Pimenta, the CNTC arrives at the Gran Canarian Cabildo site on February 22 and 23 with this proposal versioned by Álvaro Tato (Ron Lalá) that allows you to continue investigating the universe, now dramatic, of the brilliant author.

And it is that 'Punishment without revenge'is considered one of the best dramas of Lope de Vega, because it deploys all his technique, talent and wisdom.

Not in vain, Lope wrote it with 69 years, in a moment of outstanding creativity. His maturity as a writer served to build a tragedy of impeccable writing with a solid dramatic structure, and a language of great poetic beauty that shows the most recondite spaces of the human condition.

Specific, 'The punishment"It is a drama of conjugal honor, the story of a libertine father, the Duke of Ferrara, whose son, Federico, is going to marry his own stepmother, Cassandra, daughter of the Duke of Mantua.

The tragedy it is unleashed by that amorous passion, that of fateful love between Federico and Cassandra, which defies social convention and a taboo such as incest. In parallel, the Duke, who loves his son despite his status as a bastard, must marry him for reasons of state to avoid a war of succession.

History and fiction

The historical dukedom of Ferrara had been independent until 1598, the year in which it was annexed to the Papal States, and its dukes were great patrons of the arts, but in a special way of music.

Lope situates the action in a historical state, Ferrara, but in an imaginary time, with an imaginary duke, mixing real and fictitious elements to build the drama.

History also recalls the tragedies of the Classical Antiquity, but Lope also nationalizes the theme to make this one of the best-finished tragedies of Spanish Literature.

Among others, they integrate the cast of 'Punishment without revenge' Lola Baldrich, Beatriz Arguello, Joaquín Notarior (Max 2016 Award for Best Actor of Distribution), Rafa Castejón and Nuria Galllardo, and tickets to see them in action on February 22 and 23 at 8.30 pm at the Cuyás Theater are on sale, from 15 euros (more discounts), at the box office and the grancanario site web:


"Desoladora, hermosa, magistral", thus defines this work of Lope who signs his adaptation, Álvaro Tato, for whom 'The punishment without revenge' is "the tragic mirror of the human condition" and a "masterpiece of the senescence of the Phoenix , a reflection of his disenchantment with society and the pain of his personal and family circumstances, but at the same time, audacious overcoming a distilled and precise art before the irruption of young poets and playwrights ".

"This swan song of the creator of classical theater as we know it today maintains the implacable validity of the art of tragedy: a lucid journey into the shadows of ourselves", according to Tato, one of the members of the company Ron Lalá who , just this weekend, also acts in the Cuyás, this time with 'Crime and punishment', a parody in which, curiously, pays homage to the world of theater.


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