The Cuyás Theater prepares its facilities

The Cuyás patio is undergoing a profound intervention. In the background, the current mural that will be replaced. / C7

It has a new mural, the paving of the patio and the cafeteria has been changed and photovoltaic panels have been installed.

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

The Cuyás Theater in the capital of Gran Canaria faces its new season after a set-up that, in just a few weeks, has led to the materialization of an investment close to

"In just a few days, we will complete a fortnight of projects executed in record time during the summer holidays so as not to interfere with our cultural activity", stress those responsible for this space, managed through the Foundation for Performing Arts and Music of Gran Canaria.

Thus, during the last few months and with a view to the premiere of the new programming, planned
next September 30 and October 1 with the production 'Decadence'the Cabildo site has allocated 192,830 euros to waterproofing its patio with revolutionary materials that will also contribute to a significant change in the appearance of the space.

Likewise, he has proceeded to
comprehensive renovation of your cafeteriawhich, as will happen in
outside areas of the theaterwill show off a new image thanks to different projects valued at 112,912.05 euros, as well as the replacement, by 151,961.73, 177,836.80, 30,193.25 and 23,264.99 euros, respectively, of the previous
lighting and sound systems, passive security measures and wiring that supports your communication system.

All this will not only improve the efficiency of the facilities, but also the experience of users during their stay in them, according to those responsible for the venue, which has also acquired
state-of-the-art computer equipment worth 5,500 euros.

the quarters

In parallel, work has already begun on the construction of multipurpose rooms in the old quarters recently ceded by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and located in the nearby
Domingo J. Navarro Street. This project, which has been awarded to the company Ferrovial, has a budget of
196,375.20 euros and an expected execution period of four months.

The works in the quarters that give Domingo J. Navarro. Below, on the right, the lighting of the access to the theater and the pre-installation of the photovoltaic panels. / c7

Finally, in the next few days, two other actions will also culminate, the amount of which amounts to
30,000 and 7,000 euros respectively.

photovoltaic panels

This is the installation on the roof of its offices of a series of photovoltaic panels financed by the Insular Council of Energy of Gran Canaria and executed by SM Advance Energy, and the realization by CNFSN +, a creative group made up of Antonio Cruz and Rafael Monzón , descendant of the artist from Gran Canaria
felo monsoonof
a new mural that will dialogue with another designed by his ancestor, which, for a few months and after his return from the Institución Ferial de Canarias (Infecar), where he had been transferred several decades ago, returns to decorate the Cuyás hall.

The roof is part of the project
'Rooftop Revolution' promoted by the Cabildo, and, after the placement of 28 photovoltaic panels of 570 watts of maximum power, it will mean the creation in Cuyás of a 15-kilowatt and 217.78-square-meter installation that will save 13.85 tons of CO2 per year, according to calculations by the Insular Energy Council.

As for the new mural, which will be named
'Tribute to the look'is inspired by the aforementioned work by Felo Monzón, entitled 'Composition with three figures'.

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