The curse of female heritage

It is incomprehensible that an author of the stature of Caroline Blackwood is not better known. She had her moment of glory when she published the novel that concerns us, The Old Lady Webster (Alba Editorial), in 1977. With her she became a finalist for the prestigious Booker Prize and began to be seriously considered a writer. In fact, it perfectly could have won the accolade. Apparently, it was prevented by juror Philip Larkin, who was of the opinion that such an autobiographical story could not be classified as fiction. Ironies of life, today self-fiction is one of the most profuse and applauded genres. However, the author’s fame has not reached our days in the way that Irish Murdoch or Edna O’Brien has. An injustice that Alba Editorial tries to repair by recovering three of her works at the same time: The Old Lady Webster, The Stepdaughter and Latest News from the Duchess. .

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