The curious denunciation of a child on Christmas Day - The Province

The curious denunciation of a child on Christmas Day - The Province

A nine-year-old German boy, disgusted with the gifts that Santa Claus he brought him the Christmas day, decided to call the police of their municipality to let them know their anger with the failure of Santa Claus. The boy made the patrol move to his house to confirm his 'complaint'.

The little one, who lives in the town of Zetel, on the shores of the North Sea, decided on Tuesday, December 25 to dial the emergency number of the local police to record that under the Christmas tree that his family had installed in his house were not the gifts he had ordered from Santa Claus.

Completely beside himself, according to the local press story, the boy explained to the police that he did not receive any of the gifts He had asked for Christmas, but he also did not make clear what gifts he expected to find on the morning when thousands of children wake up surrounded by gifts.

"The local police officers came to his house and they found the boy very angry," a spokesman for the Zetel police station told the Nordwest Zeitung newspaper. So the agents decided to follow suit and continued the usual protocol in cases of complaint: collected evidence-examined the initial list and compared it with the gifts that had arrived, questioned potential witnesses of the facts and resorted to family mediation.

In the end, the police managed to solve the curious Christmas incident by explaining to the child that, probably, Santa Claus confused his list with that of another child.


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