July 4, 2020

the curious advice that his grandfather has given Álex Márquez to be Marc's partner

The Márquez brothers usually go to Ramón's grandfather's house after every race weekend. There they find peace after so much hustle and also the wise advice of their "abu". After becoming Valencia in MotoGP Repsol Honda, Álex went to tell his grandfather, who told him what was waiting for him. "Are you really going to be his teammate? You know he is not going to help you, Marc is the way he is, he is doing his thing", Ramón told the little one of the family, who had a meeting with the media and with one of its main sponsors, Estrella Galicia.

"I told him that I already knew that I was not taking the step for Marc to help me, but because the circumstances have taken place. I am in the best opportunity I had to go up and that's it. My grandfather is very proud, in addition, now he will have to suffer only once and he will only get up early one day at the Grand Prix of the Asian tour.

All are advantages for Alex in this leap to the top category, even for his parents, who according to him, will reduce the moments of suffering while their children compete. "I think they are going to suffer half, two workouts a day instead of four and a race instead of two with a break in the middle, that my father never knows what to do during that time," acknowledges the baby, who has long known go beyond criticism and the weight of carrying the same last name as one of the best in history.

“2015 and 2016 were two hard seasons and then I looked at what people thought. Now I try to avoid much more of everything and look only at what interests me. I know what it means to be Marc's brother, but I try to make my way and a name. I am two-time world champion and I don't think about haters and anyone else. ”

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