Wed. Sep 18th, 2019

The CUP works with the hypothesis that there will be Catalan elections at the latest in spring

The CUP, which this weekend meets in Celrà to redesign its road map, works with the hypothesis that at the latest there will be regional elections in Catalonia next spring.

This has been explained by the ex-deputy and member of the National Secretariat of the Eulàlia Reguant formation in Catalunya Ràdio. He pointed out that this weekend the anti-capitalist ranks are beginning to "lay the foundations for a new political proposal", with a view to the new elections. Its objective will be "to reverse the resignation that has been installed in the Catalan institutions and in part of the independence movement", because it has admitted "that the Catalan republic does not exist" and affirmed that the whole world has verified it.

On the assembly of its formation it has recognized the proposals that are on the table so that ex-leaders of the CUP return to be in the ballots since "they have become leaders of country", in reference to exdiputados like David Fernandez, or that can extend the mandate limit.

Reguant has also referred to the pacts of Junts per Catalunya with the PSC and the agreement of the deputation of Barcelona as "a lamentable spectacle". He has also criticized the struggle between the partners of the Government "for the distribution of chairs."

The CUP is betting on its new strategic position by adopting a "more proactive" attitude towards the Govern, which entails leaving behind the current tactic of "parliamentary blockade" to the Executive of JxCat and ERC, although "without abandoning the forceful criticism when doing lack". This change of attitude is made explicit in the content of the basic report that the CUP militancy is already debating internally, and that is entitled "Combat resignation, prepare to return".

In the document, which will be voted on and possibly approved in the National Assembly tomorrow, the CUP opens up to promote strategy changes with the aim of "generating new scenarios of understanding to exercise self-determination and economic and popular sovereignty."

With an eye on the recent electoral failures of anti-capitalist training, which have left them with only four deputies in the Parliament and without representation in large capitals such as Barcelona, ​​the CUP wants to redefine its strategy and adopt a more pragmatic position .

The paper, which was prepared jointly by members of the national secretariat, the parliamentary group and other militants, reaffirms, however, the CUP's commitment to "civil and institutional disobedience" in order to "break the seams of the regime of the 78 ". It warns, in this sense, about the negotiation path taken by JxCat and ERC, that "self-determination will not come through a pact with the State, unless the regime collapses and / or the international community forces it".

While this does not happen, it is indicated, the CUP advocates to "tighten the limits of the regime, the EU and the other institutions to guarantee rights and build sovereignty." Anti-capitalists consider that municipalism is still a key instrument for weaving sovereignty, and advocates an alliance of the peoples of Europe and the Mediterranean in defense of democracy and against economic austerity.

In internal key, the CUP intends to open "a participatory process to renew national bodies" and calls for the construction of balanced teams "to carry out a stable political and organizational work that allows to apply" the agreements that arise from the assembly " .

"We are aware," says the open letter of the national secretariat on the paper, "that we have not been able to refine our discourse, nor have we sufficiently clarified our political proposal after those not so distant October 1 and 3".

The members of the secretariat trust, however, "in the collective political maturity of the national and territorial structure" of their militancy, which "assumes the responsibility of rethinking, politically and organisationally"

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