July 5, 2020

The CUP regrets that the State "wants to prohibit any criticism of the regime, including humor"

"The formation confirms that this is another example that the State has taken an authoritarian drift that does not have a brake, with judicial apparatus on the part that acts as a repressive arm of the regime against freedom of expression," he criticized the 'cupaire' training in a statement.

In this way, they have warned that the regime likes it more or less, if the CUP obtains representation in Congress it will continue to make humor of what it wants and to combat the tyranny of a State that every day violates more civil, social and political rights, and that even threatens deputies before they have obtained representation, they say textually.

According to Europa Press confirmed to parliamentary sources, the representatives of the CUP were last week in Congress to present to the media their candidacy for the general elections next Sunday and, taking advantage of their stay in the capital and thanks to the invitation of an assistant from Bildu, they made a private visit inside.

On the tour they took the opportunity to record a video that they made public on social networks on Tuesday, in which they are seen commenting on the "bad vibes" that the Kings give them, identifying the Caixabank ATM with the regime, mocking former presidents of the Congress, questioning the preamble of the Constitution and promising that they will make Congress ungovernable as long as Catalonia does not reach independence

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