The CUP places amnesty and self-determination as the only way for Catalonia

The deputy of the CUP Mireia Vehí has ​​justified the rejection of her party to support the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as president of the Government in which he does not defend amnesty and self-determination, the only way in which he believes it is possible to resolve the Catalan conflict.

"We would fail our voters if we support an investiture that does not go in that direction," he said in his speech at the investiture debate within the mixed group's turn.

Vehí has ​​considered that this investiture debate comes at a time of exceptionality in the face of events such as the prison of the independence leaders and the "violence" against the Catalan people.

For her, "the only coup d'etat" that has been has been the judicial one for causing that imprisonment.

After his defense of the right of self-determination, he regretted that he intends to repress with "blows and blows" by the State security forces and bodies, a statement that has caused the protests of the PP bench and from which he has heard a voice that has described those words as "shame".

Regarding the negotiating table between the Spanish Government and that of the Generalitat, he has distrusted that it may be viable "without questioning the regime of 78", but has specified that in the CUP they will be delighted to make mistakes and have opened up to tend hand and meet, he said, in the face of "centralization, for the amnesty and freedoms of our people and all the peoples of the Spanish state."

Vehí has ​​lamented that the program presented by the investor candidate does not make any reference to that "regime of 78" as a "democratic anomaly" nor of a referendum of self-determination as a way to resolve the conflict.

An objective that he does not believe possible without questioning "the corrupt Spanish monarchy", at which time he has supported the previous words of EH Bildu spokeswoman Mertxe Aizpurua, describing the king's speech on October 3, 2017 as "authoritarian and not typical of a democracy. "

That is why he has reiterated that the two deputies of the CUP will not vote in favor of the investiture of Sánchez, who has urged not to put them "in the same bag" as to the extreme right.

For the CUP, many proposals of the coalition program between the PSOE and United We are insufficient, but, in addition, it has warned that they cannot be carried out due to the requirement of budgetary stability by the EU.


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