May 14, 2021

The Cup: Chumi's alleged improper alignment in the first leg with Levante | sports

The Cup: Chumi's alleged improper alignment in the first leg with Levante | sports

Valverde gave a swerve to his conservative policy of rotations and in the first leg of the Copa eighth against Levante He started the youth players Chumi and Miranda. The betting canterana could go well face to the Barça. As uncovered yesterday The world, Barça could have incurred undue alignment with Chumi, who was sanctioned for the next match of Second Division B with the subsidiary by accumulation of cards and, therefore, also for the Cup. This is what Article 56.3 of the disciplinary code says: "The sanctioned footballer may not intervene in any of these teams or clubs, until it passes, in the category in which that infraction was committed, the number of days to which the sanction merits" .

Since the Barca they are covered in the circular number 28 of the modifications of the General Regulation and Disciplinary Code that came out in November: "The way of non-compliance with the sanctions imposed as a result of the commission of infractions for the cases in which there is a simultaneity of licenses of the allowed in the general regulations of the FEF, will comply with the provisions of this article, although the minor sanctions will be met in competitions in which the offender is using a certain license and those of a serious nature or very serious, in any competition, regardless of the license that was being used at the time of the infringement … ".

The Barça interprets that those licenses refer to a player who alternates the first team and the subsidiary. Something that invalidates the Federation: "The simultaneity of licenses is of two different sports: soccer and futsal; or beach soccer. There is not, as they seem to pretend, a license to play in the subsidiary and another for the first team. Each player has a single license. " So Barca incurred improper alignment in the same way as The uprising he did not denounce it within 48 hours after the match (on Friday he will do so, as the Granota president announced, Quico Catalán), so the punishment – elimination of Barça – should not take effect unless he resorts to the TAS as a last resort.

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