October 29, 2020

The CUP calls to "intensify an ideological battle" and demands a collective amnesty

In a statement on Sunday, the formation has warned that "the regime reformed in 1978 wants to accelerate and conclude a second reform of the regime" in search of stability, for which it needs agreements with actors from Catalonia.

"From a supposed rhetorical independence movement and appealing to a false rupturist pragmatism, they will want to confuse us so that we end up trapped in the web that makes any rupturist project impossible in the coming years," he warned.

The CUP believes that the will for dialogue and pardons "will have a growing prominence fueled by those who promote the pactist path", so they have claimed to place self-determination at the center of the political debate and have claimed the legitimacy of civil disobedience and institutional.

The anti-capitalist formation has announced that it will strengthen and participate in "all those mobilizing initiatives to respond to the ruling in defense of collective rights", and that it will support, participate and promote the calls for open popular assemblies arising from the popular organization.


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