January 27, 2021

The CUP and Forum agree that there are alternatives to the state of alarm

The spokesmen of the CUP, Mireia Vehí, and of the Asturias Forum, Isidro Martínez Oblanca, in the Congress of Deputies have agreed to reject the extension of the state of alarm because they consider that it has served to violate the liberties of citizens and that there are other alternatives.

Vehí has ​​confirmed the vote against his training to extend the state of alarm for another fifteen days, which is being debated this Wednesday in the lower house.

After denying that this is the only possible measure to control the coronavirus pandemic, he stressed that “there is always an alternative from the left” and has accused the government of “giving away” money to banks and large fortunes without being told touched “not one of his privileges”.

“They are using the state of alarm to loot public coffers and establish a state of siege and control of freedoms,” said the Catalan deputy, for whom the government is “giving away” the speech to the extreme right.

The Catalan deputy has also questioned Podemos for continuing to support a government that “shields the military, the monarchy and the banks.”

The spokesperson for Foro Asturias, a formation that will also vote no to the extension, has indicated that the measures adopted under the state of alarm are more typical of a state of emergency.

It has had an impact on itself if there is an alternative to “chaos” that the government spreads without alarm, but, according to Martínez Oblanca, the government “intentionally” hides it for its own interest.

In his opinion, the alternative to the decree of the state of alarm “are the legal resources that allow the crisis to be managed without extending the existing exceptional regime.”


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