Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

The CUP addresses its strategy on Sunday and raises a sovereignist front in the Parlament

The CUP will address this Sunday its next political strategy, in a National Assembly in Celrà (Girona) in which it will consider articulating "a broad post-electoral front of the left and sovereignty", although the new line of work will be approved at the end of July.

The 'cupaires' consider an electoral cycle closed and make an analysis in the short and medium term, and knowing that the Catalan elections could be convened in the coming months; They analyze their mistakes and put on the table new ways of working to achieve their objectives, among those that maintain the exercise of self-determination.

Thus, they make a critical analysis of the political situation in which they point out JxCat and ERC and their Govern, whom they see plunged into "inoperativeness in their commitments to move towards the Catalan Republic and the mandate of 1-O", which led the CUP to deploy a blockade of parliamentary activity, as announced.

They consider that they have substituted the initial objective of the legislature for the "struggle to occupy the hegemonic position of the independence bloc and in the center space that Catalonia intends to govern".

"However, and to the extent that the Government has strategically played the card of repression, the CUP has been left with the step changed, first, by the insistence on the speech of the previous cycle of coherence with the commitments of 21D to implement the republic, then, for the lack of capacity to transmit the changes of reading and discourse in relation to the new political moment, "they explain.


The CUP also makes self-criticism after the municipal ones, in which "the institutional representation was maintained or even progressed in a part of the territory, but the bad results obtained in the majority of large urban areas of the country require a reflection to learn from the successes and mistakes ".

Thus, it wants to analyze the municipal activity that they have carried out in these zones and the "unequal capacity to make the work done and the influence of national dynamics" profitable in the elections.

The 'cupaires' decided not to present themselves to the generals or to the European ones, something on which they will also reflect: they believe that they suffered a "political and media silencing aggravated by the participation of Front Republicà" (FR), a coalition that featured Poble Lliure (akin to the 'cupaires') and who attended the general elections despite the fact that the CUP had decided not to do so.


In this document, the 'cupaires' regret having prioritized alliances with pro-independence parties, but fear that this strategy has lost its meaning "given the resignation of the other parties of the Republican bloc to promote a democratic break with the State in the short or medium term".

However, they consider that a policy of alliances and electoral fronts is still necessary, and they propose to weave it with a unitary electoral project with the pro-independence and transformative left: "This could carry the acronym of the CUP or others".

With this point, call again Poble Lliure to join forces and open to join the parties that were presented with them in the generals in the FR coalition, as Som Alternative, the party led by former Secretary General Podem Albano Dante Fachin .


But this time the CUP wants to design its own road map, which challenges the Catalan social majority, "including the self-styled leftist and sovereignist forces of the Catalan party system."

"From the CUP will therefore work for the articulation of a broad post-electoral front leftist and sovereign, with political weight and that may have the ability to advocate and decision in the Parliament" – they explain – on a profile in which they fit comuns

Likewise, they affirm that they are willing to enter the Government, but not "free", since they only raise it if policies are contemplated in favor of the popular classes to revert austerity and implement a program that prepares self-determination.


The CUP will debate and vote on a document that rethinks the way in which the key organs of the organization, such as its National Secretariat, have come together.

With this document, which will be decided in the assembly on Sunday, it is sought that the people who are part of these bodies have coincided in a wider work space and are known in advance and are prepared to perform their tasks and can perform in a more cohesive way than what has been done to date.

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