Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

The cultural setlist of … Carlos Álvarez

Since confinement in his native Malaga, the baritone star
Carlos Alvarez has designed for play La Vanguardia ’this music playlist“ for hard times ”.

Baritone Carlos Álvarez in the role of Alfonso XI from the opera 'La Favorita'

Baritone Carlos Álvarez in the role of Alfonso XI from the opera ‘La Favorita’
(Álex Zea / EP)

Ten songs for quarantine

one ‘How bad I am’ (And how little I complain) The Anka

I use this song by El Anka, a musician from Malaga, as a compliment to the attitude that our population is having towards confinement and the fatal economic situation for many people.


two Requiem, Op. 48: ‘Pie Jesu’ by Fauré

Obvious: a Requiem for those who left us, as a farewell if in any case there could not be.

‘May Be A Price To Pay’, Alan Parsons Project

Perhaps this is the price we have to pay as a result of a life that is getting a little out of hand.


‘Intermezzo Interrotto’ of the Concert by Béla Bartók

Apart from the quality of Bartók’s music, I use it as a metaphor for the current situation: we lived so well, without realizing it, until the COVID-19 arrived

‘I almost had a weakness’, Elvis Costello and The Brodsky Quartet

This album is a perfect combination of pop and classical music in which the mood is expressed in the face of weakness.


6 ‘Adagietto’ from Mahler’s Fifth Symphony by the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Pierre Boulez

Always Mahler, medicine for the soul.

‘The legend of time’ of Camarón de la Isla

In its day it meant the definitive irruption of flamenco in modernity: a mixture of García Lorca, Shrimp and an ethical and ecological conscience for troubled times.

Island Shrimp

Island Shrimp
(Matias Nieto / Getty)

Karl Orff’s ‘Burana Walk’ conducted by Frühbeck de Burgos with the New Philharmonia Orchestra.

A memory to dear Frühbeck, with whom I had the pleasure of working many years ago, with a work that expresses human weakness in the face of unexpected strokes of luck.

9 ‘Eloise’ by Tino Casal

A shot of energy with one of the best interpreters of Spanish pop of his / my time.


10 ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’, by Aaron Copland

… and we will get out of this temporary fatality, and we will do it by being better, and more conscious, and more supportive and, ultimately, more human.

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