May 12, 2021

The cultural initiative #QudateEnLaHistoria – La Provincia arrives

The Royal Academy of History has launched the initiative #StayInHistory, with which it intends to contribute its grain of sand to the confinement of the population due to the coronavirus.

The initiative intends, for the duration of the state of alarm, to make society known to various historical figures, one per day, with various biographical and audiovisual resources.

The peculiarity of the chosen characters is that they spent part of their lives confined or secluded, either producing part of their work during their captivity, either because of some seclusion that went down in history for any reason, or on the contrary, those who achieved scientific developments that contributed to fighting other epidemics in the past will also be detailed.

The Academy It also makes available to society the recordings of the conference cycles organized in the past in order to expand the cultural leisure alternatives available in these difficult days.


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