September 30, 2020

The Cuban president ratifies his support and solidarity to China before the pneumonia outbreak

The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, on Friday confirmed the support and solidarity of his country to China to accompany that nation to the affectation caused by an outbreak of pneumonia caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“We will accompany you with everything within our reach. China has the necessary experience and the right leadership of the Communist Party to win,” Díaz-Canel said during the visit he made today to the embassy of the Asian country in Havana, according to state media reports. the island.

In his conversation with the Chinese ambassador, Chen Xi, the Cuban president praised “the effective response of the Chinese Government to this difficult situation and expressed his conviction that they will win the battle against the epidemic.”

For his part, the Chinese diplomat thanked Díaz-Canel “the constant concern and support of the highest government authorities and the Communist Party of Cuba since the beginning of the epidemic.”

As part of the bilateral collaboration of Cuba and China in the biotechnology sector, the Cuban antiviral Interferon alpha 2B recombinant (IFNrec) is one of the medications used to treat the new coronavirus for which there is still a specific vaccine.

The drug is produced in the Chinese-Cuban plant ChangHeber in the Chinese province of Jilin, and is one of the products created by the biotech industry of the Caribbean island to use against viral infections caused by HIV, human papillomavirus and hepatitis types B and C.

The coronavirus epidemic has as its epicenter the Chinese city Wuhan, capital of the province of Hubei, where the first cases of the disease were reported at the end of December 2019.

So far, 66,492 people infected in China, 2,641 new cases and 1,523 deaths have been counted, according to the latest report from the National Health Commission.

All the deaths minus two – in the Philippines and Hong Kong – have occurred in mainland China and, although about thirty countries have cases diagnosed with pneumonia from Wuhan or COVID-19, China records around 99% of those infected.

Cuba, on the other hand, keeps several people in hospital isolation but has not diagnosed at the moment any case of coronavirus, say the health authorities of the island, who have adopted sanitary control measures at the borders and surveillance of incoming travelers.


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