April 23, 2021

The Cuban Parliament will debate in December the final draft of the new Constitution

The Cuban Parliament will debate in December the final draft of the new Constitution

The National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba (Unicameral Parliament) today called for its second and last regular session of the year for December 16 to 21, when it will debate and foreseeably approve the final draft of the new Constitution, prior to the referendum February

In the announcement published in official media, the president of the Assembly, Esteban Lazo, indicated that the 10 Permanent Commissions of the Parliament will meet from Sunday 16 to Thursday 20 of this month, to carry out "ordinary meetings of work and study of the Project of Constitution".

On Friday, December 21, the Cuban Parliament will hold its last plenary session of the year, of the two traditionally convened in July and December.

The Assembly already approved last July a first draft of the new Constitution, which incorporates 224 articles divided into 11 titles, 24 chapters and 16 sections, to the Magna Carta still in force (1976).

The parliamentarians will now analyze the modified text after three months of popular consultation, in which almost 9 million Cuban residents and expatriates participated.

The most debated issues were those related to the presidential term, the modification that would open the door to homosexual marriage on the island, the creation of the position of Governor, the participation of expatriate Cubans in investments, salary and private work .

After the analysis and the foreseeable approval of the final text, the document will be put to the vote in a referendum announced for February 24.

This will be the second meeting of the Ninth Legislature of the National Assembly, the first held under the presidency of Miguel Díaz-Canel after having elected him as the first president of post-Castroism in its constituent session last April.

Along with the study of the new Magna Carta project, it is expected that the deputies know the state of the economy in the second semester and the forecasts for 2019.

It is usual for the Cuban president to close the plenary with a speech in which he reviews what happened on the island during the year.

The Cuban National Assembly is composed of 605 members, has an average of 49 years and has a female majority (53.22%), which ratifies it as the second parliament in the world with the highest representation of women.

The process of constitutional reform in Cuba began on June 2 under the leadership of former President Raúl Castro.


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