The CSIC vaccine aims for 2022

“You have to be prepared for the different variants ofl COVID". This is how direct the researcher of the CSIC, Vicente Larraga, during his speech at the congress on 'silver economy' held on Thursday and Friday at the Ramos Carrión Theater in Zamora. The doctor starred in a speech focused on the work of his team to find a vaccine and took the opportunity to launch different reflections on the pandemic. Needless to say, the impact that the COVID in the lives of older people.

In that sense, Larraga predicted that "The disease is going to be a long time" in society and recognized that its evolution in the medium or long term is a mystery. Hence, in his opinion, research should focus on limiting risk, and political work should focus on issues that depend on their own will and also on their generosity.

At this point, the researcher of the CSIC spoke very clearly: “As long as there are people in the world who are not protected, we here will not be safe"Warned Larraga, who stated that" developed countries have to make an effort to protect others. " That is, to the inhabitants of those territories whose logistical and economic capacities are lower.

"The entire population must be vaccinated, even to those areas that cannot pay the doses, "the CSIC professor clarified that he did want to make it clear that the vaccines from laboratories such as Pfizer or Moderna" are working very well, "which is not an obstacle for others that are on the way may also have a positive effect on the control of the pandemic.

Larraga asserted thate "no vaccine is late" and he stressed that those that are accepted by the control bodies "will always have some advantage." Hence, the CSIC's efforts continue to focus on the development of an antidote that could see the light throughout the year 2022, although the researcher avoided giving specific deadlines on its implementation.

The expert did acknowledge progress in the right direction, such as the one that reflects its 100% effectiveness in the latest experiments carried out with mice: “It is a vaccine that does not require freezing, which will be easy to distribute and which, moreover, is relatively simple and cheap to produce, while those of today are very expensive ”, explained Larraga, who showed in his slides how this DNA antidote would be inoculated. The system used will require a dispenser that will apply the serum intramuscularly: "It does not represent a great discomfort, less than a puncture", settled the investigator.

Other presentations

The last day of the 'silver economy' congress in Zamora served to put on the table numerous issues in relation to aging and care for the elderly, which involved professionals from the health sector and also companies that wanted to contribute their bit and your dose of knowledge to the event.

Along these lines, the presentation by the director of Technological Solutions of the Tecopy Group, Aurora López, was framed, who contributed to give value to the table on residential experiences. The company representative explained the context in which innovative technologies are applicable to nursing homes, whose paradigm could change, especially as a result of what happened in these centers during the pandemic.


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