July 29, 2021

The critics of Cs conclude after the primaries that the distribution of compromisarios does not reflect the reality of militancy

This has been transmitted to Europa Press sources of the Cs Eres Tú platform after knowing the results of the vote, in which the spokeswoman in Congress, Inés Arrimadas, has won the victory and will be the next president of Citizens to have achieved 76.91% of the votes.

The candidate of Cs Eres Tú, the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, has been supported by 22.32% of the 12,328 militants who have participated, while the Valencian affiliate Ximo Aparici has achieved 0.74 % of votes.

Critics point out that 22.32% (2,752 affiliates) is a figure much higher than 6% of the 21 committees that will represent this sector in the General Assembly.

In the opinion of Juan Carlos Bermejo, one of the main exponents of the critical current, 22% of support for Igea indicates that “a discrepancy is consolidated” in Citizens that Arrimadas, as a new president, “should not overlook.”

In addition, sources of Cs Eres Tú have highlighted the good results reaped by Igea in many of the votes in the ballot box. For example, in Murcia, where he received 50 votes against 13 of Arrimadas, or in Valladolid (41 against 5), although the face-to-face vote – which was only authorized in eight provinces – represents less than 2% of the voters .


In the vote last weekend, most of the members who chose the affiliates, 277 of 355, were supporters of Arrimadas, compared to 21 of Cs Eres Tú.

However, critics said then that 6% of delegates did not correspond to the percentage of members who had voted for their candidates in the different provinces.

This is attributed to the fact that in many territories the system of election of the compromise left them without representation or almost without representation. Thus, in Madrid, where they said they had obtained 36% of the votes, they only got a delegate of the 49 that were at stake.

Now that Igea has received 22% of the votes in the primaries against Arrimadas, in Cs Eres Tu argue that this “shows that the list of compromisarios does not represent the reality and sensitivity of the bases.” “We are not 6%,” they said.

In the same way, they believe that “it will also be seen that the General Council does not represent the reality of the party.” The General Council, the highest Citizens body among congresses, has endorsed with great majority all the decisions of the former Executive, chaired by Albert Rivera, and of the current Manager.


The foreseeable thing is that in the General Assembly, where the new Statutes and the new strategy of the orange formation will be debated and approved, ample majorities in favor of Arrimadas and the official thesis are also visible.

To the 355 elected officials – of which 277 are supporters of Arrimadas – about 180 born committees will be added, most of them also related to the new president. These are the members of the new Arrimadas Executive, those of the Manager and those of the outgoing General Council.

With these figures, it is most likely that the amendment to the entire Statutes presented by Cs Eres Tú, which proposes, among other things, that the autonomous offices be chosen by the affiliates and not by the National Executive, will eventually be rejected.


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