Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

The criticized debut of Cristina Pedroche in ‘El Hormiguero’

It has been one of the star signings of
The Anthill
this season. Cristina Pedroche He joined the team of Pablo Motos with its own section, ‘Pedroche and action’, to delight the spectators. However, his debut could not be more rugged and criticized in equal parts. He was about to fall in the dance of the beginning, for later, already being the protagonist, shout and perform all kinds of windbreaks while the program team hung it from the ceiling to emulate
Mission Impossible

In theory it was something he had previously tried, hence the networks did not understand why his reaction was something “exaggerated”, as many spectators pointed out.

Cristina Pedroche opens in 'El Hormiguero' at the 'Mission Impossible

Cristina Pedroche opens in 'El Hormiguero' to the 'Mission Impossible'

Like every day The Anthill Start with a choreography. Since a time ago, September Earth, Wind Fire is the tuning that begins the space of Antena 3. One of its new additions, Cristina Pedroche, joined Motos and the rest of the teammates to unleash the dance. However, there was a moment that the vallecana was about to fall on its face.

"I was afraid of this dance," the journalist acknowledged. "Fortunately I have good ankles", he continued after acknowledging that he almost fell. To remove the bad taste, they have repeated the choreography.

Then came his section, ‘Pedroche and action’ in which he had to emulate Tom Cruise in the film Mission Impossible. That is to say, unhook from the roof fastened only with harnesses. While they were climbing, the presenter kept screaming and making fuss while complaining: "Fuck Pablo, which is the first day."

A firecracker by way of explosion after reading the message of his mission, he put his heart back into a fist. I had to "catch the flan on the table without it falling." But with each movement, Pedroche kept moving. "I shit on everything," he screamed, "I'm going to poop". "That scared me a lot, I told you," he released. However, her attitude was heavily criticized in social networks by calling her "Exaggerated", "unpleasant" or "unfortunate".

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