Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

The criticism of Yolanda Ramos to Pedro Almodóvar in 'Chester'

Yolanda Ramos carga contra Almodóvar: “Aprendí más con José Corbacho en ‘Homo Zapping’”

Risto Mejide continues to reap good results on Sunday nights in
Thanks to the confessions of your guests. Last Sunday he received in Four to two humorists who wanted to answer their questions: Josema Yuste Y Yolanda Ramos. Precisely Yolanda was the one who showed no hair on the tongue to criticize to the very same Pedro
Almodóvar after having been at your orders.

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Four, which is going through a major audience crisis, has Chester one of his few successes. Mejide dedicated his program to humor and for this he had two actors who have experienced success and also the failure within the show. In addition to your personal experiences, They talked about the limits of humor and the problems that their profession is experiencing in recent years.

'Chester': Josema Yuste made clear to Risto that nobody has given him anything

'Chester': Josema Yuste made clear to Risto that nobody has given him anything

Josema Yuste was a member of Tuesday and Thirteen, the most successful comic duo in history. Josema started making it clear that nobody had given him anything. "I have come here fighting a lot: I was left without a mother at the age of 9, I went to do the military in Africa," he commented. "I did not have sponsors and my father did not believe in me at the beginning," he said..

Risto Mejide did not want to miss the opportunity to ask about the controversy of Dani Mateo after blowing with the flag of Spain. "With the Spanish flag you have to have a certain tact and care, because many of us feel identified with it". According to the guest, "it is a gag that is not funny", but he recognizes that taking him to a judge could have been exaggerated.

'Chester': Josema Yuste did not like the 'gag' of Dani Mateo with the flag of Spain

'Chester': Josema Yuste did not like the 'gag' of Dani Mateo with the flag of Spain

But the humorist also had time to do self-criticism remembering a scene that starred a woman abused in a tone of humor. "I would not do that sketch again. It was a thing of absurd humor. You take it out of context, you bring it here today and, of course, it's scary" He also met with Fernando Conde, the third and little remembering member of Tuesday and Thirteen, who left the humorous trio to completely change the record.

But the night began with Yolanda Ramos. The actress had to apologize as soon as she started falling asleep and being late for her appointment at Chester
. Later, Risto Mejide reminded him of his encounter with José Luis Moreno in the program Talk to themwhen he reminded him that he owed him money after working as a helper in a program Night out. Ramos discovered that after that controversy he received congratulations from many colleagues and that made him get more work.

Bad memory of Pedro Almodóvar

But that was not the only confession that Ramos offered during his interview. In spite of being a revered director, he does not keep good memories after being at his orders. "I learned a lot more with José Corbacho in Homo Zapping", he assured. To finish remembering the manchego that "he had also been an artist" and that is why he had to "treat his actors very well". "You are nothing more than a human being," he added to his criticism.

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