The criteria for hiring in dependency are relaxed three months

The BOE publishes this Wednesday the agreement of the Government and the autonomous communities to make flexible for at least three months the degrees and hiring criteria of the workers of centers and services of dependency care to reinforce the templates affected by the coronavirus crisis.

The resolution establishes that when the existence of jobseekers with the necessary specific qualifications is proven in the area where they are located, either the center or social institution or where the personal assistance service or the work of auxiliary aid to domicile, these functions may be performed by people who have any of the qualifications required for any of them.

If there is also no availability of job seekers with any of the aforementioned degrees, these functions may be performed by people who, without a degree, preferably have experience in the care and attention of dependent people, and the entities providing services must guarantee supervision and training. practice on the job to improve their professional skills, he adds.

This exceptional regime will be in force for an initial period of three months from its publication, although it may be extended.

The resolution of the Secretary of State for Social Rights establishes that it is up to the Public Administrations competent in Social Services to issue the resolutions, provisions and interpretive instructions that, where appropriate, are necessary for the application of this exceptional provisional regime.


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