The crisis in Germany and the pending Löw revolution | sports

The crisis in Germany and the pending Löw revolution | sports

Vulnerable in defense, the midfielders Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng are very important as representatives of the old guard, with little play and no goal, Germany burns after the beating that led him to Holland (3-0). If after the failure of the World Cup Russia almost nobody dared to ask for the head of Joachim Löw, right now there is no certainty that he will continue in office if this Tuesday France endorses another defeat to a team that does not raise its head.

The humiliation of a demotion in the newly created League of Nations adds more hemlock to the German crisis. Depending on what happens in Paris next Tuesday, at least there will be a national debate on the continuity of the coach who crowned Germany world champion in 2014. "I understand that there will be a debate and that I should live with it. Now I'm going to concentrate on the game against France and not on that debate in public opinion, which seems very normal to me, "said a dispirited Löw in the press room of the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam. His analysis of the match, influenced one of the flaws that already condemned his team in Russia. "We have shot a goal a lot in recent games, but it is a fact that we did not score. Losing by 1-0 would have been acceptable, but receiving two goals at the end of the game is obviously a bad result, "explained the coach, who renewed his contract until 2022 in May, but containing a mutual rescission clause from 2020 "We played well the first half hour, controlling, but it was a very brutal and disappointing defeat, we have barely lived up to it," added Löw, with Thomas Müller lacking in spark and cornered in a band like Timo Werner, the goalscorer balance of Germany in the three games he played after Russia's 2018 clash reiterates the need to find a goalscorer, only two goals in three matches, both in a friendly against Peru, which added to the only goal achieved in the world championship average of 0.5 goals in the last half dozen matches played.

Germany is a hornet's nest in which some of its players have waged a battle against the press. "You disrespect us, we are still a great team, one of the best, we are not amateurs," Hummels complained, under the spotlight because of his slowness to recoil from the counterattacks thrown by the Dutch. "Our match was better than the one we played against France (0-0), in which we were more aware of other things, but that is not analyzed by anyone," said Real Madrid's Toni Kroos, who indirectly referred to the precaution who played the first match of the Nations Cup in Berlin against the world champions.

Last August 29 Löw offered an extensive press conference of almost two hours in which he pretended to argue the failure of Germany in the World Cup in Russia. On his left was the sporting director of the federation, Oliver Bierhoff, and behind them an austere powerpoint. The data of the new explanation, which gave half a second more possession to each German player, guided the conclusion reached by Löw, who intoned the mea culpa for having tried to play the game with the ball. "My biggest mistake was to believe almost arrogantly that we could get through the group stage with our dominant possession game and then adjust for the knockout," Low confessed, "I wanted to perfect our game, I took it too far, we lost the game we had in 2014. "

Criticism of Löw focuses on its immobility to both better adjust the game with the ball and to refound positions. The debate between Neuer and Ter Stegen is increasingly open. The goal of Bayern has not been the same since the metatarsal injury that e had almost a year away from the pitch. In Amsterdam, he was seen as a dubious player in the game with his foot and a little aggressive and static in the area. Where before there was a dominating goalkeeper, there is now a less important goal. Löw is also asked for more prominence for the talent of Sané, Goretzka, Brandt and Draxler. His move to place Kimmich as a midfielder is the only sign of an expected revolution that has not yet arrived. And who knows if it will arrive if France removes the colors.

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