The crime that bares two Spains | Society

All crimes have an impact on our collective imagination and contribute to shaping our relationship with the environment. That's how it went with the girls of Alcàsser, with Marta del Castillo or Diana Quer, but the murder of Laura Luelmo exemplifies like no other the clash of two Spains that continue to coexist with such harmful effects that, as in this extreme case, can be lethal.
Laura Luelmo was a young woman, representative of a new generation of women who try to break through in a working world that waits without fanfare or welcome to young people: after studying Fine Arts, was a scholar, specialized as a teacher of Drawing, took oppositions to Teachers, went to the employment exchange and this December, at 26, was going to begin his first substitution. A common life, as promising and incipient as that of anyone who starts walking, but reached by the shadow of a threat as unfortunate as real. He has not had bad luck, as one who is shaken by a tree torn by a gale, a pot on his head or a lightning in the mountain, but has had a bad neighbor. A murderer, specifically.

The testimonies and their traces leave us the profile of an active, traveling, smiling, entrepreneur, runner, independent, feminist-aware, network user and carrier of so many common characteristics today to so many millions of daughters, granddaughters, sisters, friends and compañeras that we have around us, example of a generation that tries to advance clean of ballast. They want to make decisions, make their lives, live alone or accompanied, go for a run or buy and return home safe and sound.

But Laura came to the wrong place at the wrong time. His unpolluted house in the town where he settled was located in front of a sinister neighbor, murderer and thief, with 20 years in prison, which also personalizes the opposite Spain, that of a type of aggressor that unfortunately is repeated with a routine dramatic and that neither the fear of the law nor the arrival of a different time in which violence against women is punished also socially dissuaded from attacking it.

The double Spain of today is not that of nationals and republicans, of right and left, or not only, but of a generation that tries to live in freedom and some beings determined to remind us that we never, never, achieve it.


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