July 15, 2020

The crew of the Galicia ship will disinfect public places in Ceuta

The amphibious assault ship Galicia of the Spanish Navy has arrived in Ceuta to provide health support after having spent a week in the city of Melilla, where it has carried out various collaborative tasks with the authorities.

The ship docked last night at the city’s Spanish dock, where cruise ships arriving in Ceuta usually do so, as it is a site specially enabled by the Port Authority for deep draft ships.

With a staff of close to 200 personnel, it is specially designed to carry out comprehensive disinfection tasks for facilities that house vulnerable people, such as health centers, hospitals and nursing homes, and also for those spaces that usually have a greater influx of people. such as the maritime station and public buildings, as reported by the Ceuta General Command in a statement.

These tasks will be carried out at the request of the Government Delegation and the Autonomous City, which will determine their priorities in these next days.

The ship has arrived in the city after more than nine hours of navigation in the framework of “Operation Balmis” that the Armed Forces is developing throughout the national territory.

With 165 meters in length and a crew of 165 sailors, the ship offers medical support from ICUs, Aeroevacuation and disinfection and, among other capacities, “Galicia” has a Marine Infantry team for the NBQ fight specially designed for carrying out of comprehensive disinfections.

The Galicia ship is capable of accommodating up to 615 people and is one of five Navy ships willing to collaborate in the Balmis operation, since it has eight ICU beds, two ambulances, a medical helicopter, two operating rooms, a triage, laboratory, X-ray and dental cabinet.

The president of the Autonomous City of Ceuta, Juan Jesús Vivas (PP), thanked the Ministry of Defense for addressing the claim made by the city to have a medicalized ship from the Spanish Navy due to the health crisis.

Juan Jesús Vivas has expressed his gratitude “because the arrival of this ship is very important not only for the services they will provide but also because it shows that the Spanish Navy is with Ceuta.”

The Galicia ship arrived in Melilla on April 2 and remained until yesterday morning when it left for Ceuta, having not been necessary to intervene in the health field during its stay in the autonomous city of Melilla.


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