August 13, 2020

The crew of the chemist "Blue Star" safe and on board after running aground in Ares

The crew of the chemist "Blue Star", who ran aground on the night of Friday on the coast of Ares (A Coruña), is safe on board the ship, have confirmed sources of Emergencies to Efe, who have specified that the media displaced people are conditioned by the temporary rescue efforts.

The boat, 128 meters in length, impacted the area of ​​As Mirandas, near some islets and the beaches of A Barrosa and A Canteira and was displaced by the wind when it was heading to the anchorage of the Aresana estuary by the inclement weather.

The 112 Galicia has specified that according to "the information provided by Maritime Rescue the crew is in good condition" on the ship itself, whose lighting remains active.

"A Maritime Rescue helicopter and several tugs are evaluating the area and assessing the trailer," he added. This is the "Helimer 401", based at the airport of A Coruña, although its journey could not be completed with the support of tugs due to the prevailing adverse conditions, with waves up to 5 meters high in the framework of a yellow alert .

In addition, he added that the "first information indicates that the tanker was not carrying cargo at the time of running aground, nor is there any record of injured persons."

Thus, the public emergency service has confirmed that the incident has not resulted in environmental or personal damage.

The "Blue Star" has a flag of Malta, was built in 2011, came from Bilbao and planned to collect fuel at the port of A Coruña.

The rescue boats "María Pita", "Hocho" and "Salvamar Betelgeuse" were the first to go to the ship's environment, stranded in the region of Ferrol, after the alert for the event.

The tugboats "Ría de Vigo" and "Don Inda" have subsequently joined the rescue efforts, so aid and rescue ships based in A Coruña and Ferrol are mobilized on the Aresana coast.

A hypothetical trailer and transfer to the port of the quimiquero could be delayed until the morning of this Saturday to make it coincide with the high tide.

On land, a wide deployment with members of 061-Sanitary Emergencies of Galicia, Coast Guard of the Xunta de Galicia, Civil Guard and the Local Police and Civil Protection bodies of Ares are waiting for news.

Although the tanks remain empty, the regional emergency department has activated a contingency plan in prevention of responding to the eventual spill by the fuel ship or other items stored in it.

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