July 30, 2021

The crew of Ryanair value strike during Christmas

The crew of Ryanair value strike during Christmas

Ryanair You can find a strike at European level in one of the most sensitive times for an airline: Christmas. The cabin crew (TCP) unions from Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will meet on the 18th in Brussels to agree on new mobilizations in case the company does not respond to their claim to apply to their employees the labor legislation of their respective countries of origin. On the table, as explained by USO in a press release and have confirmed sources of Sitcpla, is the possibility of making stops "even at Christmas". An option, however, that will not materialize until this festive period approaches, if by then the conflict persists. "We will give the dates as soon as possible, given that Ryanair plays dirty with the minimum services and only allowed to strike on 15.3% of the flights even though it is a company that does not do essential services ", explained the sources of Sitcpla consulted.

The conclusion of a strike in full Christmas would constitute another hard blow for Ryanair, whose accounts are already suffering the effects of the stoppages that their crew have been carrying out since July. On October 1, the company had to carry out a "profit warning" in which it cut its profit forecast for this year by 12% due to, among other reasons, the stoppages. In addition, it has announced a cut in its capacity for the winter season of 1%.

Even though Ryanair has assured that it is willing to apply national contracts to its TCP from next year in the countries in conflict, since USO assure that the European queen of the "low cost" prefers "to continue applying the Irish legislation, since it supposes great benefits for Ryanair and allows to continue with a perverse model where there are important grievances for workers, and to avoid equalization of conditions for workers hired directly by workers. Ryanair and those hired by Crewlink and Workforce ", two temporary employment agencies. This, the union wields, is the real reason why both parties have not yet been able to sign an agreement. "Yes Ryanair he really wants to apply national contracts he does not need the unions, he only needs us to negotiate a collective agreement, "says USO.

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