The crew of Ryanair study strike again at Christmas

The crew of Ryanair study strike again at Christmas


The cabin crew of Ryanair offer a truce to the company up Christmas. But, at the same time, they warn that they will strike again in this holiday period if an agreement is not reached once and for all to put an end to the conflict that both parties have had since the summer.

This has been agreed by the European unions of the airline, which have held a meeting with representatives of the European Commission this Thursday in Brussels. The workers' organizations have indicated that they expect "a change of position" on the part of the company and that, if they do not happen, they will fix "new days of strike, among which Christmas is not ruled out".

This Thursday, the crew of the company They have held a new meeting with the commissioners Thyssen (Employment) and Bulc (Transport). According to the unions, both have transferred their "total willingness to contribute to solving the conflict and that they will remain vigilant so that countries comply with European regulations."

"From Europe they have once again stressed that it is the countries that have to execute the corresponding actions to ensure compliance with local laws. We do not understand the inaction of Minister Valerio and Labor Inspection, which continue to be profiled when Europe He is telling them that it is the countries that have to take action ", he explained. Ernesto Iglesias, responsible for Aerial Sector USE Flight.

The unions have criticized on several occasions the attitude that the Government is taking in this conflict, which led to strikes in July and September. In fact, it came to take to the courts the minimum services set by Fomento for the strike of the month of July. In this regard, the General Labor Directorate has summoned Ryanair, USO and Sitcpla to a new mediation, at the request of the unions.


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