The creepy criminal profile of the most dangerous prisoner in Spain

The creepy criminal profile of the most dangerous prisoner in Spain

Fabrizio João, of 36 years, 1.80 of stature and more than one hundred kilos. It thickens the list of the seven tens of inmates considered of maximum danger. In his case, he has the reputation of being the most: he murdered his girlfriend, kicked an inmate to death and brutally attacked six officials with a stiletto.

The African Hannibal Lecter sows terror in Spanish prisons

They say it is pure evil, that with him nothing has been worth the self-control therapies, which he does not regret his criminal profile and even in his journey through Spanish prisons he threatens to continue killing, according to have told Efe guardians of the penalties for which he has paraded.

Nowadays is in the Teixeiro (A Coruña), isolated and with strong security measures. Nobody visits him and he does not maintain any physical contact with other inmates in his daily life.

It is a FIES 1 of direct control, the acronym of "files of inmates of special monitoring", and their condition is that of "jail inside the prison".

The history of this man born in the old Portuguese colony of Guinea-Bissau began in 2004. He finished what had been his girlfriend, Adama Aua Bari, in the neighborhood of Otxarkoaga, in Bilbao. They fell 22 and a half years behind bars. He came to say, before consummating the crime, "Death bitch: if you do not sleep with me, do not sleep with anyone."

A decade later, already deprived of freedom, He fatally kicked a Colombian inmate in the bathroom. Blows in the head and internal organs destroyed. Nothing saved his life, in a minute his existence came to an end. This aggression occurred in the prison of Córdoba.

Barely Two years later, in 2016, in the Puerto III prison, in Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, the burly Fabrizio attacked several officials who performed a routine search.

He pulled out a kind of skewer that had been stored inside his body and then unleashed all his fury.

Dental appliances stuck in the gums, bruises, loss of several teeth, cuts in the forearm, one cracked the neck and was about to reach the jugular, nose shattered, knees made dust. This was the balance. All driven to the hospital and with the feeling that I wanted to make them shatter.

The rapid intervention of a vigilant companion, who managed to isolate him by activating the security barriers, prevented a major tragedy.

From there, Fabrizio went sent to Galicia, where coexists if possible with more caution than ever before, according to his notorious lack of scruples.

The one considered as the most dangerous prisoner in Spain exercises and is extremely strong.

When he was tried for killing the Colombian inmate, the prisoners who testified in that trial left a shocking testimony, felt panic; and Fabrizio himself coined another that did not cause less terror: "Being in the regime in which we are, we are crushed", all expressed in a Spanish parco.

With that record, today his isolation is total.

Another prisoner of this country, considered the most indomitable, is Santiago Izquierdo Trancho, author of murders, kidnapping of officials, attempted evasion, contempt, threats and robberies.

In September 1987 he killed a module partner. When he first entered the prison, he was a teenager and, at present, he is a mature man. The activity he knows best is to be between bars.

Fabrizio, Trancho … Evil, sometimes, does have a face.

Ana Martínez EFE


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