March 3, 2021

The creators of ‘Hierro’ rule out a third season

The first season of Iron was a success beyond expectations and for the second, which arrives tomorrow at Movistar +, the Coira brothers They have overcome the challenge of being “faithful” to what has been done and at the same time innovating. However, for now, they rule out a third season. “We have done two, it is a good approach and we do not see how to continue, we always plan a closed season,” he tells Efe Pepe Coira, creator and screenwriter of the series starring Candela Peña and Darío Grandinetti.

“A place like El Hierro has characteristics that make it very difficult to extend it, we couldn’t make El Hierro a kind of Bronx in which criminals are cited one after another, it would be strange,” he says.

Part of the show’s appeal lies in that tension between the two main characters, which the Choruses continue to exploit in season two as they introduce a new plot and new characters, related to a child custody case.

Grandinetti, from Buenos Aires, where he is preparing to start filming another series for Netflix, Santa Evita, in which he will play Juan Domingo Perón, points out that in this new installment his character goes a little more towards the light. “The things that he defends are those that anyone defends: his banana business, his environment, his daughter … we will see him more for that work than for drug trafficking,” he tells Efe, “that banana is the symbol of his ability of adaptation, of getting over it, of getting out of the burden of being someone from outside in such a small place ”.

As soon as the filming of the new season started, last February, the Covid-19 forced them to stop, and when they were able to resume after three months, the reality was different. According to Jorge Coira, “it had implications in the filming, such as rethinking bringing special effects equipment or managing our lives to shoot some scenes, especially one in which there are a lot of people, which we achieved by going to pieces and digitally duplicating, but at the content did not affect “.


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