The creators demand that the adaptation of the European Directive recognize the right of intellectual property

The Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes.

The platform "Continue Creating in digital", made up of professional associations of creators and rights management entities, has asked the Government that the transposition of the European Directive on copyright in the digital single market specifically recognizes the rights of intellectual property.

In a statement, the signatory associations have requested the maintenance of the copyright of the current Spanish legislation, the compulsory collective management and the inalienability of the right.

They consider that it is the only way to "reach agreements, in a framework of solidarity, equitable, non-discriminatory and transparent negotiation", which ensures that creators receive an "adequate and fair share of the income generated by the business model of the exploitation of digital content."

"Continue Creating in digital" underscores its concern about the possibility that the transposition does not reflect the legitimate right of authors to collective bargaining with transparency on the conditions of exploitation of their works, on the uses to which they are subjected and on the remuneration that corresponds to them and referred to in article 15 of the Directive.

Faced with this situation, the representatives of professional associations and rights management entities -journalists, writers, photographers, scriptwriters, translators, composers, performers, and other creators who make culture and journalism possible, have asked "an open negotiation with the government to guarantee the survival of our rights, which are the basis of a diverse and quality culture. "

Specifically, they want the maintenance of intellectual property in legislation, "a social and strategic right so that authors and cultural industries can continue to create and contribute to the common heritage in a dignified way."

They also ask for the protection of your creative talents "compared to the large technological platforms that exploit" their cultural content "and obtain great benefits without our creators being adequately remunerated".

Likewise, they demand the guarantee that creators will be able to negotiate with the technological platforms that exploit their contents to reach agreements, "in a framework of solidarity, equitable, non-discriminatory and transparent negotiation that ensures that creators receive an adequate and fair share of the income generated by the business model for the exploitation of digital content, as dictated by the Directive ".

These requests will be included in a document that will be passed on to the government and parliamentary groups, the statement announced.


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