The creator of "seriesyonkis" downloads responsibility to users

The creator of "seriesyonkis" downloads responsibility to users

The main defendant in the trial that is followed in Murcia by audiovisual piracy, Alberto G.S., has unloaded on Monday the responsibility of the facts that are investigated in the community of users who used his web "seriesyonkis".

Under one great media expectation for the first trial in Spain against piracy in movies, this Monday has started in the City of Justice in Murcia the process being followed against the creator of the web and three other defendants, who face a request of two years in prison and a fine of 4,200 euros for each one from the Public Ministry.

Alberto G.S., a native of Lorca, has declared before judge Isabel Carrillo that he he only dealt with the technical aspects and that never hung a link to films protected by intellectual property, informs Efe.

He also said that when he received a comment about the origin of inserting some links he proceeded to delete them.

In addition, he explained that during those years he was immersed in his research activity at the university and that he could not devote much time to web pages.

According to him, the content of the page varied by minutes due to the actions of the users.

The creator of the website, sitting next to those also accused Jordi T. and David M. and Alexix H. – in charge of the management of the page after his purchase – has maintained that he created "seriesyonkis" as a hobby after talking to a friend about creating a page with these characteristics.

He has stressed that he was not a cinephile, so it would never have occurred to him to write synopses about a film, and that he only created the infrastructure thinking that it could cover an existing vacuum at that time about movie comments.

As he stated, It was the users of the website who put the links that led to the movies, and that on the web you could not view anything because everything was external.

He has also defined himself as cautious and careful, and has said that he never thought of carrying out an illicit activity.

He has admitted, however, that advertising was once placed on the page, but did not quantify the exact amount of money he could receive for it.

He has also recognized that "seriesyonkis" rHe received many visits and had great success, pero could not specify the number of people who entered a page created in 2008 and sold in 2010 to the other three defendants for 610,000 euros, an amount he did acknowledge having received.

The sale occurred, as he said, because a complaint had been filed against him, the police had searched his house, and this whole issue "burned" him.

When he negotiated the sale, he said, he thought it was a joke the amount they were willing to pay him, but the buyers sent him an advance so he would know that everything was serious.

This Monday's session has begun with the approach of the previous issues in which the defenses have criticized the undue delay of the process, which began in 2009, to which the prosecutor of the case, Pablo Lanzarote, has replied, saying that part of the responsibility it is due to the resources presented these years.

For its part, the defense attorney of David M. has requested the recusal of the expert who has taken part in a test at the request of the Copyright Management Entity of the Audiovisual Producers EGEDA, by stating that they had knowledge that it was part of a partner company of EGEDA.

The page of piracy of cinema and of series of television that operated in Internet caused damages of up to 546 million euros, according to the EGEDA, and 9.5 for the Antipiraterí Federationto.

The criminal court number 4 of Murcia celebrates until Thursday the first sessions of the trial in which the accused face a request from the prosecutor for 2 years in prison.

The prosecutor notes in his provisional findings that one of the accused, "knowing the illegality of his actions" and operating from computer terminals of the University of Murcia, where he was a fellow, and in his own home, operated with websites from which He was an administrator.


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