The creator of 'Chernobyl', after Díaz Ayuso's comment: "He has not understood the series"

The creator of the series 'Chernobyl' responds to Díaz Ayuso.

The creator of the series 'Chernobyl' responds to Díaz Ayuso.

Craig mazin, the creator of the acclaimed series'Chernobyl', has responded to the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, after it referenced the HBO production for respond to criticism from the opposition about his management of the pandemic. "He has not understood the series," says the creator of the winning series. Emmy for Best Miniseries last year.

The controversy originated in the Plenary of the Assembly of Madrid held on the morning of this Thursday, when the spokesperson for the More Madrid formation, Pablo Gómez Perpinyà, accused the president of the Community, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, what to convert with his management of the pandemic to Puerta del Sol in "the Chernobyl of Europe".

A criticism to which the Madrid president replied that "time to watch television series", as he does, but that what the series of HBO . "Chernobyl did not happen in the Community of Madrid, it happened in a place governed by you," he said.

This intersection of statements has reached the ears of Craig Mazin, the creator of the series starring Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgard and Emily Watson that he has not hesitated to assure that, in view of his statements, the president of the Community of Madrid has not understood well the true meaning of the series. "It is clear to me that he has not understood the series"he tweeted.


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