Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The creation of employment has plummeted 63% and the slowdown hits all the autonomies

The creation of employment has plummeted 63% and the slowdown hits all the autonomies

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The Job creation has plummeted in Spain by 63% in just one year: Last month of March, 269,000 fewer jobs were created than in the same month of 2018, according to the official figures of affiliation that has just made public Social Security.

That Sharp deceleration hits all the autonomous communities, without exception. The The worst place to stop is Castilla-La Mancha, where job creation has fallen by 103%: it has gone from creating 17,681 net jobs in March 2018, to destroying almost 500 jobs last month.

In the whole of Spain, this month of March 155,104 jobs were created, compared to 423,863 that were generated in the same month of 2018. It supposes, therefore, a setback of 63.4%, a national average that is widely exceeded by a good number of autonomous communities that have noticed in a particularly severe way this deceleration, with Castilla-La Mancha in front. After it they are placed The Rioja, where job creation has fallen 81%; Castilla-León, where the deceleration is 73.8%; Asturias (-72.4%) and Cantabria (-71.2%). Worse behavior than the national average also present Baleares and Galicia, both with a deceleration of 69.1% in the creation of employment; Navarre (-68.4%); Catalonia (-68%) and Aragon (-65.9%).

Not a single autonomy is saved from that collapse in job creation. The one that has noticed the least is Murcia, and even then a fall of 23.1% is noted. In Andalusia the deceleration stands at 39.1%, while in the Basque Country The generation of employment in March has been reduced by 50.1% compared to the one registered in the same month last year.

In a still photo, last month offers a very uneven panorama among the Spanish provinces. The vast majority managed to increase the number of employed people compared to February, but to a much lesser extent than a year ago.

This economic slowdown has been particularly serious in five provinces, which have been unable to take advantage of the traditional pull that March has for the labor market and last month destroyed jobs, instead of creating them. It was the case of Jaén, which has lost 14,474 employees in the last month; Cordova, which has destroyed 955 jobs; Real city, which has struck 911 jobs; Toledo, which has lost 373 employees compared to those it had in February; Y Castellón, which has destroyed 217 during the last month.


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