Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The creation of companies grows in annual 7.4% in February

The creation of companies grows in annual 7.4% in February

The creation of companies grew by 7.4% year-on-year in February, to a total of 9,386 new commercial companies, the highest since January 2018.

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The dissolution of companies only increased by 0.9% compared to February last year, when 2,311 companies disappeared, representing an average of 82 per day.

According to the data published this Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the total capital subscribed for the constitution of the new companies exceeded 847 million euros, representing an annual increase of 86.7%.

The average capital subscribed for each company stood at 90,318 euros, 73% more than in February 2018.

Of the dissolved companies, 82.5% voluntarily did so, 6.9% due to merger and the remaining 10.6% for other causes.

In addition, 3,192 mercantile companies increased their capital in February, 6.2% more than a year earlier, while the total capital subscribed in the increases decreased by 27.6% to 2,247 million, and the average capital per transaction fell by 31%. , 8%, up to 704,203 euros.

By sectors, 19.4% of the mercantile companies created in February correspond to trade and 15.6%, to construction, the same sectors that also lead the dissolution of companies with 22.4 and 17.6% , respectively.

The communities with the largest number of mercantile companies created in February were Madrid (2,266), Cataluña (1,651) and Andalucía (1,453) and the Autonomías with less, La Rioja (39), Cantabria (55) and Navarra (87).

The largest number of dissolved mercantile companies was registered in Madrid (690), Andalucía (371) and País Vasco (173), and the smallest, in Navarra (10) and Cantabria and La Rioja (both 24).


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