November 30, 2020

The creation of companies falls in September for the second consecutive month




In September 5,787 mercantile companies were incorporated in Spain, orn 1.6% less than in the same month of 2018, what it means the second consecutive month of decline -In August, 8.6% collapsed – according to data published this Friday by the National Statistics Institute (INE). The number of companies dissolved in September stood at 1,254, up 13.6%, after 1,164 companies closed in August, an increase of 14.2%. Of these, 68.5% dissolved voluntarily; 21.7%, by merger, and the remaining 9.8%, for other reasons.

The 5,787 new companies created in September added subscribed capital of more than 200 million euros, 61.7% less, which puts the average capital at 34,598 euros, 61.1% lower.

In addition, in that month, 1,802 companies increased capital, 3.6% less, for a total amount of 1,527 million, 22.4% more.

The activities that concentrated the greatest creation of companies were commerce (20.3% of the total), real estate, financial and insurance (14.1%), construction (13.8%) and hospitality (10.5%).

As regards the solutions, they occurred especially in industry and energy (22.5% of the total), trade (18.3%), construction (14%) and professional activities (10.9%).

The real estate, financial and insurance companies led the capital subscribed in September, with a total of 96.6 million euros, followed by industry and energy (25.6 million) and agriculture and fishing (18 million).

By autonomous communities, Madrid and Andalusia led the creation of companies with 1,301 and 1,025, respectively, and also the dissolutions, with 430 and 185.

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