The creation of audiovisual content is consolidated as a relevant resource for large companies




The pandemic has caused - and continues to cause - a barrage of changes at the business level, especially with regard to the exploitation of digital tools, technology and gadgets. Large companies are in the position and in need of adapt to a new scenario where face-to-face formats are increasingly scarce, in favor of digital and audiovisual formats (meetings, courses, training, consumption of services and products…).

The current market demands the use and exploitation of digital tools and resources, something that in the past was used in a complementary way within companies and that, now, has become one of the main assets for companies to consolidate their presence and leadership in the business sector.

During the last year there has been an exponential growth in terms of the creation of content in video and digital format, largely due to this new situational context that the pandemic forces us to live. Face-to-face meetings have decreased, online training has increased, and now companies invest much more in developing digital experiences and technology for your employees.

Although a tool that is currently being exploited more than ever in its history should be highlighted: video format. Perhaps we are facing one of the oldest and most exploited resources within companies, but it is just now when it is once again the main digital tool for large companies in all its formats.

There are a number of factors that have fueled the rise of video, especially humans. The labor society (somewhat tired regarding their situation on a personal and professional level), demand solutions with more freshness and proximity such as videos, along with other audiovisual formats that contribute to humanize training processes within companies. Professionals require closeness, and that is why what is seen in a video becomes the best option for offer realism and closeness.

Similarly, it is necessary to highlight another important factor that has contributed to the increase in the creation of audiovisual content within companies, and we refer to the boom in the consumption of series and films on the different platforms available in the market (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + ...). This confirms that the video format is an element of great impact that allows it to capture the attention of different audiences and audiences.

Production of content in the purest Netflix style

The consultant Psychosoft, with more than three decades of experience in the sector, has launched itself fully into the production of audiovisual content, offering business solutions to all companies that want to boost their business. «With our own film set, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive multimedia service: from the analysis, information gathering and script design by our expert consultants to the recording and post-production by our technical team ”, as explained by Jacobo Quintans, Director of Technology at Psicosoft.

In addition to the filming process, Psicosoft has a collaboration with a television series producer, which allows to offer the client a more elaborate and even more professional recording. Quintans says that «for BBVA we are developing a product with a very professional style that is based on the CSI concept: we have recorded on location, with extensive pre and post production. These contents will serve as the line of argument for an online course ».

Along the same lines, Quintans has added that the consultancy has just «Launch an online platform similar to Netflix, which allows the integration and visualization of audiovisual pieces and offers participants a learning experience similar to that of the famous streaming platform: intuitive, visual and impactful ».

Psicosoft has stood out no longer for the simple technical fact of having resources such as cameras or a complete filming set, but they pamper in detail everything that refers to the plot scripts, to support clients at the development level, derived from all the expert who offers to be a HR consultant with more than 30 years in the market. It is not a simple recording, it is the entire development of it in order to meet the objectives.

Jansen and Indra

Jacobo Quintans has reported that «in Psychosoft We are at a point where in recent months we have offered solutions of this type to important clients such as Jansen or Indra. And that, in addition to being able to go to the client's facilities to record, we can offer this type of collaboration to do more complex things ”.

When we talk about going to the client's facilities, two possible options are opened:

1. Within a training project We want to include audiovisual resources, to give more realism we record in the client's office.

2. Many times we do experiential activities, formative and the client asks us to be able to record it to distribute it internally, as Indra usually does.

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