March 2, 2021

The crash plan against labor abuses outcrops 61,445 fixed jobs that were temporary fraudulent | Economy

The crash plan against labor abuses outcrops 61,445 fixed jobs that were temporary fraudulent | Economy

The Labor Inspection shock plan for decent work began in summer with two actions that already have definitive data. The campaign to convert fraudulent temporary contracts into indefinite contracts has resulted in the conversion of 61,445 contracts. The one that tried to increase the working day of those who were hired for a few hours and, in fact, had longer working hours has been less effective: it has achieved the increase in 8,824 cases, according to the data that the Government has disseminated at the end of the ordinary Council of Ministers. .

Both campaigns consisted of sending letters to companies where the Inspectorate suspected that recruitment fraud was committed. They warned the managers of the companies of the situation and they were urged to turn the temporary into fixed and to raise the days. Otherwise, the letter stated that the company would receive a visit from the Labor Inspectorate.

The absolute and relative numbers speak of the effectiveness of the campaign against fraudulent temporality. The 61,445 conversions represent a transformation in 76.5% of cases in which a letter was sent. This percentage decreases to 17.5% in day extensions.

These conversions of contracts are added to the 132,501 made by the ordinary performance of the Labor Inspection. So in total there were almost 194,000 transformations of temporary contracts in fixed. Not counting the effect of the plan, this already represents an increase of 29.9% with respect to the conversions made in 2017.

Also the extensions of days grow if the ordinary actions are added. Between them, 31,517 contracts have been modified upwards.

The campaigns against the fraudulent temporality and the abusive use of the part-time were the first two initiatives of the plan of shock for the Decent Work that Pedro Sanchez announced as soon as he arrived at the Government and that he launched in July. The plan consisted of 75 measures, of which these were the first two and the most striking. It also provides for an increase in the number of inspectors and subinspectors of Labor or greater control to detect false self-employed workers.


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