The covid also kills aboard the canoe

The toilets attend to a group of people from a small boat upon arrival at port. / EFE

The young man from Mali found dead died on the second day of the journey with symptoms caused by both the disease and the discomfort of the trip

Yahaha, a 20-year-old Malian, had dreams of prospering in Europe and some fear of the ocean when he embarked late last week in a canoe from Mauritania bound for the Canary Islands. What he did not know is that he also had covid and that probably cost him his life.

When last Tuesday the Salvamar Macondo landed
in the port of Arguineguin (Gran Canaria) to the 61 men who came aboard a canoe located very close to the coast of the island (about eight or nine kilometers), its crew members thought that they had completed the service without any problems, because they all seemed to be fine, except for some symptoms of dizziness and mild dehydration.

However, it was then that some of those rescued alerted that a companion was missing, which led to the boat being checked again, already moored at the pier. There, under the wet clothes abandoned at the end of the journey and among the waste of all kinds that accumulates in the bottom of a canoe over several days at sea,
Yahaha's body was there.

Some of his compatriots on board the boat - all the occupants of the canoe claim they are from Mali - have said that
he died on the second day of sailing, of the four that were in total at sea. And also that, almost from the moment they left the coast of Africa behind, he had been vomiting nonstop.

This is what sources from the emergency services who participated in the assistance to that boat have told Efe, the first to arrive in Gran Canaria after two weeks of relative calm on what is known as the Canarian Route.

More than 300 people were rescued between Thursday and Friday in Lanzarote. /


His autopsy was just completed in the
Institute of Legal Medicine of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The medical opinion is this: "Dehydration in the context of covid and ingestion of salt water."

Forensic sources point out that Yahaha was probably surprised by one of the most frequent symptoms of covid at the worst moment, in the middle of the ocean: she began to vomit when the dizziness of the waves made it difficult for her to stop, she lost fluids and the thirst pushed him towards the desperate solution of
drink sea water. It was worse, it made everything worse.

Having disembarked in Arguineguín, it is up to the Mogán City Council to bury him, in a charity funeral. This town hall, where most of the victims of the Canarian Route arrive when there is a body to bury, has been warning for some time that
there is no room left for him in the cemetery.

In fact, they usually ask for help from other municipalities on the island, so that they welcome them in their cemeteries. It is not yet known where he will be buried, but Yahaha will not be buried as just another anonymous victim. His companions have taken care that it is known who he was.

317 rescued, including a child in critical condition, in Lanzarote

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