The COVID-19 does not give a truce to America, exceeds 134,000 cases and is cruel to the United States.

The coronavirus does not give truce in America, which already exceeds 134,000 cases this Saturday, while in the US The situation is critical as it is the new global focus of the pandemic, so the government does not rule out quarantine in three states and has already ordered the reserve's military to be activated.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, USA. It continues to have the highest number of infections in the world with 119,748 cases, followed by Italy with 92,472 and China with 81,999.

In the world there are already 657,691 confirmed cases, 30,438 deaths and 139,263 those recovered, however with the speed with which the data is updated this information changes constantly, almost minute by minute.

In Latin America, Brazil has the highest number of confirmed cases with 3,904 and is followed by Chile (1,909), Ecuador (1,823), Panama (786), Mexico (717), Argentina (690), Peru (671) and Colombia (608).

According to an interactive map of the Pan American Health Organization on the situation in America, of the total of confirmed cases 89.55% equaled North America, 8.21% South America, 1.23% the Caribbean and the islands. of the Atlantic Ocean and 1.01% Central America.


Trump did not rule out this Saturday imposing a quarantine in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, where COVID-19 cases are increasing the most.

However, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo rejected the idea, stating that he doesn't even know "what that means" or "how it could be legally applied" since "from a medical point of view I don't know what you would achieve."

The state of New York announced that due to the coronavirus it will postpone its primaries for the White House candidacy, which will be held on June 23 instead of April 28.

New York, become the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States with more than 52,000 confirmed cases, thus joins other states that have already chosen to delay their elections due to the advance of the disease.


The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has shown his role as a denialist in view of the severity of the pandemic, stating that for 90% of the population the coronavirus "is a flu or nothing" and remember that last year "700 people died from H1N1 ”.

However, a judge ordered the far-right government to "refrain" from promoting "advertising pieces" that encourage a return to work and are contrary to the restrictive measures imposed by regional governors to contain the pandemic.

The magistrate, who determined that failure to comply with the ruling is subject to a fine of 100,000 reais (about $ 20,000) for infringement, refers to a video that was allegedly part of a future official campaign named "Brazil cannot stop."

The short circuit in the country is evident and even the governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, of the center-right PSDB, estimated in an interview with Efe that his former ally Bolsonaro "is not in full mental power to be able to lead" the country.


To contain the situation and contribute to the work, some countries in the Americas chose to resort to their military reserves in the midst of the public health crisis.

Trump signed an executive order that allows the military to be activated in the reserve to increase the number of uniformed personnel mobilized in the face of the crisis, according to a Pentagon statement sent to Efe.

That decision authorizes "order individual units and members in the National Guard and Reserve, and the Prepared Individual Reserve to become active to increase forces for an effective response to the coronavirus outbreak."

The Prepared Individual Reserve is made up of off-duty reservists and soldiers, who are usually considered to be outside the Armed Forces and who are rarely called up.

In South America, the Peruvian Army was authorized by the Government to call the graduates of the voluntary military service, from the years 2018, 2019 and 2020, to support surveillance and intervention during the quarantine.

The supreme decree specified that the functions of the Armed Forces are referred to the fulfillment of the obligatory social isolation, with the intervention of people, goods, vehicles and establishments to verify the suspension of activities not allowed.


Venezuela received 55 tons of medical materials and drugs from China, a country that offered the government of Nicolás Maduro experts and information to help stop COVID-19 infections.

Likewise, the United Nations gave the city of New York, where it has its headquarters, a donation of 250,000 masks to face the expansion of the coronavirus.

Emergency measures to confront the situation are a constant in these days in America, where today the Ecuadorian president, Lenín Moreno, announced that he has asked the World Bank (WB) for a quick financing plan for 500 million dollars.

The Government of Ecuador plans to have between 2,000 and 2,500 million dollars from multilateral organizations to respond to the emergency and project the economic recovery that the pandemic will demand.

In Peru, the Government gave a bond of 380 soles ($ 108) to one million vulnerable households to face the quarantine and in the coming days it will distribute this same benefit to 2.5 million more families.

And in El Salvador, an economic aid of $ 300 was delivered to 200,000 families who, due to different circumstances, have been affected by the pandemic.


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