December 3, 2020

The courts recognize Fernando Trueba as the author of ‘The Queen of Spain’

The director Fernando Trueba.

The director Fernando Trueba.
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Several courts investigating the co-authorship of Carlos López and Ángel Egea in the original script on which the film was based “The Queen of Spain “, by Fernando Trueba, it turned out that the director it is the sole author and rejects the applicants’ requests, which it also orders to pay the costs.

After a ruling that was already favorable in the first instance, the appeal court of Section No. 28 of the Provincial Court of Madrid has ruled again in favor of Fernando Trueba in the appeal filed against him and his Producer by Carlos López and Manuel Ángel Egea.

The judgment, argued in detail by the court, considers it proven that Fernando Trueba is the author of “The Queen of Spain” and rejects each and every one of the plaintiffs’ claims, which it also condemns to pay the costs of the process.

López and Egea, dyou of the four scriptwriters of the film “The girl of your eyes”, they claimed that the characters they created for that film are the same as those who star in “The Queen of Spain”, the sequel also directed by Trueba, for which they initiated the litigation, seeking financial compensation.

The court considers that the co-authors of the script of that film – “The girl of your eyes” – are Rafael Azcona and David Trueba, who started from an original script in which the plaintiffs participated, but who developed a “own and completely new” story.

That script was developed from the real adventures of the Spanish filmmakers who, after the civil war, shot films at the Ufa studios in Berlin, under the auspices of the Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

The plaintiffs appeared in that script as co-authors of it due to their demand raised in the days prior to the commercial premiere of the film.

Eighteen years later, when Fernando Trueba was preparing to release “The Queen of Spain”, the plaintiffs demanded financial compensation in exchange for not interfering with the premiere of the film and claiming to be owners and creators of the characters of it.

By refusing Fernando Trueba and his producer to compromise with their demands, they filed a commercial lawsuit against which gave as much publicity as possible in the media and professional forums. Now, four years later, the courts have ruled in favor of the filmmaker, who won an Oscar in 1994 for his film “Belle Epoque.”

Sources from Fernando Trueba’s production company have assured that “reputational and commercial damage suffered will never be compensated, but that at least the judicial decision makes it clear that the director always acted with professional rigor and respect for the legality of intellectual property. ”

The judgment corroborates what was dictated in the first instance by the commercial courts a year ago and agrees with the director Fernando Trueba, settling a dispute that had a very relevant echo in the media in the days prior to the theatrical release of his film “The Queen of Spain”, starring Penélope Cruz and Antonio Resines.


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