May 12, 2021

The courts have a lot of art

The courts have a lot of art

Francisco Leiro, huge and solid wood his, receives in the Senate with his works. It is not his usual presence in the house but it seems that the pieces were in their natural habitat. Although the most spectacular comes from the hand of Juan Muñoz in the Congress, whose sculptural group, with those seated figures who laugh, who seem to sketch a funny grimace, have become masters of the place. We believe that they speak and speak without any presence bothering them, without taking into account the astonished looks of Manuel Borja-Villel, director of Reina Sofía or Ana Pastor, president of the Congress, that yesterday received these works with which the art museum joins the celebration of the forty years of the Spanish Constitution. The fabrics of Juan Luis Moraza they rest on a table of good wood in the hall of lost steps, while the work of Esther Ferrer, in the basement of the lower chamber enabled for the occasion, occupies one of the passage rooms, near a sculpture by Cristina Iglesias. Upcoming pieces of Daniel G. Andújar, Concha Jerez and Ángeles Marco. The presence of a photograph of Ignasi Aballí It is more modest, on a fireplace condemned not to give heat since time immemorial. They are stained hands that surely look for a certain warmth. There is no lack of black and white images of Colita, who was in the presentation yesterday. The presence, always grateful Juan Genovés beside Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Soledad Sevilla, Luis Gordillo, Eva Lootz, Miguel Trillo, Miguel Ángel Campano, José María Sicilia, Juan Uslé. And more

Susana Solano he takes us to the school stage with the etching "I will not talk more in class". More than one and more than two deputies should apply the work. And the story, too. Forty-five Spanish artists, 22 in Congress and 23 in the Senate, in one joint exhibition curated by Joao FernandeHe said that "the exhibition will allow different interpretations and reflections on the relationship between art and the context of the different powers that confront and contextualize it."

Ana Pastor, who started the initiative to exhibit the pieces said that "it is very important to share in the headquarters of national sovereignty the best of these 40 years, which is the expression of these artists, our creators in freedom, in new ways of doing art and culture. The important thing is that many citizens can appreciate closely what the creators of our country have done in these 40 years of democracy and the best that has brought us, which, among other things, has been freedom in creation and it shows and feel in what you see in these rooms. " The visit can be requested through the Congress website from November 30 to March 2.


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