May 12, 2021

The court of Bankia asks for solutions to continue the trial, suspended with the declaration of Rato a medias | Economy

Bankia says that it does not know what is accused and tries to expel from the trial the investors who already charged | Economy

The trial for the Bankia IPO was suspended on January 11 due to illness sudden of the anti-corruption prosecutor in charge of the case, Carmen Launa. It was half way the interrogation of the main accused, Rodrigo Rato, for whom the Office of the Prosecutor requests five years in prison. The court chaired by Judge Ángela Murillo has today asked for possible solutions to the parties to continue with the oral trial and has rejected the Anticorruption proposal, which offered to hold a trial session in early February to end Rato's statement.

The Fourth Section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court considers that the proposal of the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office "may be inappropriate to the interests of the other parties," especially, he adds, of the 30 of the 34 accused in the trial for those that the Prosecutor's Office does not ask for any criminal responsibility. The Prosecutor's Office, headed today by Alejandro Luzón, who conducted the investigation of the case during the investigation, ensured that the recovery period for the prosecutor should not exceed one month. Despite this, and "as it can not for the moment set a specific date for the reinstatement", he proposed the February session, which the court now rejects.

In its brief, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor indicated that it is not possible to replace Launa with another prosecutor because, on the one hand, "the indisputable complexity of the procedure" and, on the other, "the limited personal resources of the Prosecutor's Office." Faced with this, the court, in a ruling dated Monday, asks the parties to communicate within three days "possible solutions aimed at solving the situation of paralysis of the cause for uncertain time in which we are "

Initially Bankia oral trial sessions were scheduled until June of this year, but this suspension will lengthen that scheduled timetable at least until the summer.

After the previous questions, the Bankia court decided to keep all the accusations, popular and individuals, in the case and the defendants, which are 34 (31 managers and three legal persons: Bankia, its parent BFA and the auditor Deloitte). At the moment, the prosecution formally only accuses investors who were president of Bankia, Rodrigo Rato, the former CEO of Bankia Francisco Verdú and the directors José Manuel Fernández Norniella and José Luis Olivas of swindling investors. But the first day of judgment he announced that he was studying accusing them (the rest of the 34 defendants) of another crime, the accounting falsehood.


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