The Court of Auditors will investigate Almeida for the Almudena memorial

The Court of Auditors has opened a file investigation for the decision of the Madrid City Council to remove the plaques of victims of the Franco Cemetery Memorial, located in the Almudena cemetery in Madrid, following a complaint of prevarication filed by the Association Ranz Orosas Memorial (AMRO).

In the complaint, filed on November 26 before the public administration spending control body, AMRO considered that the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, could have incurred a crime of prevarication by “dismantling” this monument when there was very little left to finish it.

The Government of Almeida removed the plaques from the memorial that the former Manuela Carmena Executive began installing last May, in which the 2,934 names of those killed by the Franco regime in the capital between 1939 and 1944 were engraved.

In a resolution of the General Secretariat of the Court of Auditors, dated February 10 and to which Efe has had access, the association that has proceeded to give “its timely processing” to the complaint is informed.

Requesting from the Madrid Consistory different documentation about the works, their budget and the administrative decisions adopted on the memorial will be the next steps that the Court of Auditors will carry out in the processing of the complaint and classify the facts.

Speaking to Efe, lawyer Eduardo Ranz and partner of the president of the memorial association, Macarena Orosa, has considered that the performance of the Almeida team on the memorial “goes beyond ideology and also affects the pocket of Madrid” .

The spokeswoman for the City Council of Madrid, Inmaculada Sanz, said today at a press conference after the Governing Board that the “extinct” Commissioner of Historical Memory recommended at the time that “there were no” names of victims in the memorial before the “possibility that this generated more wounds than supposedly came to repair.”

It was during the mandate of Manuela Carmena (Now Madrid) when it was approved to create this tribute memorial to 2,934 shot on the walls of the Almudena between 1939 and 1944, a project that in October 2019 the new councilor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida ( PP), modified to not include names.

The Consistory alleged that eliminating the names of the plaques appealed “to the spirit of reconciliation and concord of the Spaniards”, and was also modified so that the memorial honors those who died violently also during the Civil War.

This Thursday, the municipal spokeswoman has added that it is still “working positively” to finish the memorial and that it is “somehow” a “symbol” of “the great values ​​of the Transition in which the Spaniards managed to reconcile.”

The memorial in the cemetery of Almudena to those reprimanded for Franco, from which the mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida eliminated the names of the victims, will not finally make any reference to the executions or the Franco dictatorship.

Nor to the Civil War, although one of the changes introduced by PP and Cs, was to contemplate the violence exerted on the Republican side, extending to 1936 a monument that originally circumscribed the victims shot at the cemetery wall between 1939 and 1944


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