August 3, 2020

The court denies three prisoners of the procés to give press conferences in the Supreme

The tribunal of the "procés" has denied the request of the exconsellers Jordi Turull and Josep Rull and the ex-leader of ANC Jordi Sànchez, candidates for 28A, to grant them permission to leave prison and go to campaign events as well as to give press conferences and record electoral videos in the Supreme.

The Supreme Court says that the Law of the Penitentiary Regime covers extraordinary permits in cases that affect the prisoner's relatives or when there are "important and proven reasons", but that attending an election is not an unexpected or extraordinary event, but a voluntary decision taken already in prison, so that they can foresee the restrictions that cause them.

And regarding the press conferences or recording of electoral videos before the trial or during the recess, the Chamber recalls that "the subjection of the accused to the act of the oral trial is integral", and that granting them this request would turn the court into a lucky of "parallel electoral administration" regarding them.


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