The Court condemns the young man who killed his mother in Arona to 12 years of imprisonment - La Provincia

The Sixth Section of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has sentenced Dino Modric to twelve years, six months and one day in prison for the murder of his mother in 2016. The conviction thus responds to the decision of the Jury Court , who declared him guilty after the oral hearing last September.

The events occurred in the summer of 2016, when the now convicted began a discussion with his mother at the family home, located in the area of ​​Parque de la Reina, in the municipality of Arona. The author of the incident, who was then 18 years of age, "took his mother by the neck with his hands and squeezed it tightly, as a result of which he produced a cerebral edema." After fleeing the house, the husband The victim found the dying woman on the floor of the house, and after being transferred to a hospital, he died the next day, and finally, the assailant was arrested while wandering on a highway. euros in favor of his father.

The Public Prosecutor's Office, in its final conclusions, described the events as constituting a crime of homicide concurring the aggravating circumstance of their criminal responsibility of kinship, for which he requested the penalty of 14 years of prison and absolute disqualification during the time of the sentence. He also requested that the defendant indemnify the heirs of B. D. with the sum of 100,000 euros plus interest.

For its part, the State Attorney requested compensation to the Ministry of Finance with the sum of 51,120.96 euros, which is the amount that the Ministry granted to the husband of the deceased as a victim of a violent crime.

The defendant's defense in his final conclusions denied the facts, which is why he requested the free acquittal of his defendant.

The jury testified that the defendant Dino Modric, a Croatian national, between 12:23 and 13:05 hours on September 1, 2016, when he was at the family home, and where he lived with his parents, without any cause, began a strong argument with her, and in the course of the same took the neck with his hands and squeezed tightly, which produced a cerebral edema due to anoxia (asphyxia), which caused her death at 3:50 pm on September 2, 2016 at the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria University Hospital, hospital to which she was transferred after being found lying on the ground, unconscious and helpless, by her husband and father of the accused.

Modric has been deprived of his liberty for this cause since September 3, 2016, his pretrial detention having been extended for two more years.

Of the authorship of the crime is stated in the ruling that in the building where only lived the marriage with his son, "the civil guards who performed the ocular inspection found no symptoms of forcing doors or windows or other indicators of a possible theft in it, nor was there evidence that the abduction of something had been denounced or that its inhabitants were troublemakers or had a problem in their country of origin (Croatia), that is, there is no precedent that would suggest that a person or persons outside its inhabitants could have been there at that moment or that it was an account adjustment.

In addition, the agents verified that the alibi given by the husband of the victim, who said that at the time of the aggression, was not in the house since he had gone to a mechanic's workshop and then to a station. of services, adjusted to reality, since this was verified by the agents after attending that workshop and by the recording of the security cameras of that station, incorporating the photographic support of her. These data led the jury to infer that when the fateful outcome occurred only the victim and his son were in the home and, consequently, that it was he who perpetrated the homicide.


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