The couple recorded on a video her request to die: "Go ahead"

The couple recorded on a video her request to die: "Go ahead"

The couple formed by María José Carrasco and Ángel Hernández, arrested in Madrid after giving his wife a substance to end his life, recorded in two videos, one on Tuesday, the 2nd and the other on Wednesday, the 3rd, the consent of her and her request. so that he would help her to die.

"Go ahead," María José told Angel after she said: "You have asked me many times, more than necessary, but of course … I was confident that the euthanasia was going to be approved, but seen the seen…"

That's when he tells him to "go ahead", one of the few words that Maria José can articulate with difficulty, as can be seen in the images that Telecinco has broadcast this morning.

This first conversation occurs in a room. He is sitting in a chair next to her, reclining on a red sofa, covered with a blanket, his eyes lost. And he watching her intently.

So she asks: "Do you still have the idea of ​​suicide?", To which she answers, yes

He: "Do you want to wait for something?

She does not

He: Do you want it to take place already?

Ella: Yes

He: Do you know that I have to help you, that there is no one who can help you and also it would not be good …?

Ella: Yes

He: You know it. You have asked me many times, many times, more than necessary, but of course I was confident that the euthanasia would be approved, but once seen …

She: "Go ahead."

He: Today is April 2, 2019. So you want and insist that you want to kill yourself?

Ella: Yes

He: Let's see, do you want me to prepare it and do it tomorrow?

Ella: Yes

He: Well, there's nothing more to talk about.

Ella: The sooner the better.

It is the conversation they have in the first video. In the second video, Angel is standing next to the bed on which María José is lying.

He: the time has come, the one you so desired (she nods her head and looks at him excitedly)

I'm going to lend you my hands, that you can not. I'm going to lend you my hands. First, let's try a little water, because I do not know if you can swallow, you know? If we see that you can not swallow, we abort it because … (he gives him then to try something from a glass with a straw)

What do you think? (he asks to see if he can swallow)

– She: Yes

– Him: I give it to you then. It's not much, but I may know badly or you have to put up with it. Are you determined?

– Ella: Yes

– Him: Go ahead. Let's see, give me your hand, I want to notice the definitive absence of your suffering

There ends the video that already has the Homicide Brigade of the National Police that investigates the facts, which he called Angel, as he said this morning in Telecinco Agustín Pérez, a reporter of "Cuatro al Día", the journalist he called about One o'clock yesterday afternoon to tell her that Maria Jose had died.

Perez said he met the couple five months ago, when he made a report about the situation they were going through.

Yesterday, Angel was waiting for him on the landing of the house and told him what had happened and that he had called the police and the Samur.

The agents who moved to the place took a statement from the journalist and then took him to the police station.

Agustín has ensured that Angel took care in an "impressive" way to his wife, that they loved each other "very much", that it was a couple that they had been together for more than 25 years, that they had no children and that they had enjoyed life.

But in recent years her illness had degenerated because it gave her many outbreaks, and she could neither swallow nor breathe. "It was not life, and she wanted to end with this, a dignified death, and the only one who could help her was her husband, and he was very clear that he would not hide," the journalist commented.


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