The Count of Pozos Dulces arrested in Murcia for allegedly abusing a minor


The Group of Minors of the National Police arrested Nacho Jacob in a hotel in the capital while he was with a 13-year-old boy

The National Police arrested Ignacio de Jacob y Gómez, better known as Nacho Jacob, Count of Pozos Dulces, last Wednesday in a hotel in the center of Murcia, when, apparently, he was in the company of a minor under 13 years of age. The agents of the Group of Minors (Grume) of Murcia, who are investigating it, suspect that it was not the only case of alleged sexual abuse and believe that there may be more victims.

The investigations carried out so far have led to him being accused of four crimes of sexual abuse of minors and another four of prostitution, since the count was supposedly able to pay the young people with money or by offering them gifts to maintain some type of sexual contact with him.

The statement of the minor who was with the aristocrat when he was arrested will be key to determining, on the one hand, the scope of the alleged abuses to which he allegedly subjected young people; and on the other, the methods used by the count to attract boys.

The case is under summary secrecy and investigators are tracking his mobile phone, as well as other electronic devices in search of clues that could lead to the identification of more victims, according to sources close to the investigations.

Grume agents do not rule out that the wealthy condition of the aristocrat Nacho Jacob, as well as his privileged economic situation and his relationship with famous people - he is the founder of a renowned communication, image and public relations company - could serve to capture his victims. .

The staff and some clients who were last Wednesday in the hotel establishment were surprised by the large police presence there. But, in no way, could they suspect that the arrested person is one of the most recognized image consultants in the country. Not surprisingly, the Jacob Fitzgerald artist recruitment, communication and event organization agency, led by the Count of Pozos Dulces, is one of the most prestigious in Spain.


Ignacio de Jacob y Gómez, 42, is the son of the Dukes of Jacob-Bellecombette and Barons of Torame belonging to one of the oldest Franco-Belgian lineages. He is Count of Pozos Dulces by transfer of the dynastic rights of his father. According to information on his own website, he has a degree in Business Administration and Psychology from the University of California, as well as a judicial expert from the University of La Laguna. He boasts of having "a great social conscience", for which he collaborates with the NGOs Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Mensajeros por la Paz, Tierra de Hombres, the association against cancer and Cáritas.

On its website, you can see photos of the Count of Pozos Dulces with singers, actors and presenters from Spain, as well as a list of awards received. But he also boasts of having a "close friendship" with international celebrities such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Julio Iglesias, Michael Douglas, Leonardo Di Caprio, Martin Scorsese, Roman Polanski, Queen Rania of Jordan or Princess Carolina of Monaco .

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