The Council of Ministers gives the green light to a public job offer of 30,445 places without union endorsement




The Council of Ministers has given the green light this Tuesday, in a meeting with a high economic content, to the public employment offer corresponding to 2021 made up of a total of 30,445 places, of which 23,491 places correspond to the General State Administration (AGE). As pointed out by the Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, of these 23,491 some 14,000 are free entry and another 9,500 for internal promotion. In this sense, he added that it is also worth adding the 1,920 places for the Armed Forces and another 5,034 for the Police and Civil Guard.

Montero has also highlighted that he has followed a 110% restocking fee. “That is, we have gone beyond people who are retiring,” explained the minister who adds that priority has been given to areas such as Health, Education or the State security forces and bodies. He has also added that 12% of employment will go to digital transformation for 10% that will be used to modernize the tax system, 8.4% for the reform of Justice or 5% for the health field. «We have given priority to the squares linked to science, engineering, mathematics … and that female vocations prevail ”, highlighted the Minister of Finance and Public Function.

The socialist minister has pointed out that this public offer represents 8.5% more than that of 2020 although it is lower than the 33,793 places approved in 2019. It is true that this time stabilization processes were included. In this regard, the head of the Treasury and Public Function, has valued that since the arrival of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, 110,000 public jobs have already been called “to fill the gaps in the previous administration of the Popular Party.” In this sense, he has held them in their face “exhaust” the recourse of the public administration and valued the commitment to a public administration “adapted to the demands of the citizens.”

Union criticism

From the majority union in the Public Function, CSIF have criticized that what was approved today by the Council of Ministers nor has the endorsement of the main union forces (CSIF, UGT and Workers’ Commissions). They have also labeled the places called “insufficient” and give as an example what happened in the SEPE, where they have assured that public service offices are being closed because there are not enough officials to attend them. In this sense, they have regretted that the workforce has been lost and consider it essential to “recover” some 50,000 jobs which they estimate is what has been lost in the last 10 years.

Precisely, from CSIF, they have pointed out the need to contract in organizations such as the SEPE itself or the Social Security in the face of the consequences of the economic crisis. In this sense, according to this union, it must be remembered that a month ago this same CSIF denounced that a total of 1,000 workers would be laid off from June 30 to September 30 and another 500 officers will conclude their contractual relationship on December 31.

Create a company with one euro of capital

For its part, the Government has also sent the Draft Law of Business Creation and Growth whose objective in the words of the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs Nadia Calviño is «Boost entrepreneurship, improve productivity and the creation of quality employment ”. In this sense, he has highlighted several of the new features of the standard such as facilitating the creation of companies with just one euro of share capital; as well as measures so that processing is digital, the fight against delinquency in commercial operations “Promoting the use of electronic invoicing” or the reduction of payment terms, the fulfillment of which will be a requirement of access to subsidies or public aid.

Similarly, Calviño has announced that the project also seeks to strengthen the resolution of contracts or improve financing through collective investment institutions (crowfunding). Similarly, he added that “in the near future” the bankruptcy reform will also be sent to public consultation and announced that they will reduce by 20,000 million euros the debt issuance schedule. In the opinion of the number two of the Government, this is “good news that confirms investor confidence in our economy and shows its great dynamism.”

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