Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

The "cosmic connection" of Ramón leaves in catastrophe his appointment in 'First Dates'

La “conexión cósmica” de Ramón deja en catástrofe su cita en ‘First Dates’

Valentine is around the corner and in
First Dates
They have decided to make a special week dedicated to it. Because love is the most important thing. The problem is that Ramón did not do well at all. its cosmic connection With her date it has not been the expected one and she has left her poetic universe forever.

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You only have to see his entrance in the restaurant of the love of First Dates. Carlos Sobera asked him about his condition and he replied that he was "Between rigor mortis and horror vacui". A few words that left viewers and users on social networks speechless, who did not give credit during the whole meeting to what their ears heard. Diana, your date, either.

This man defined as el "apocalypse of this millennium" and a heartbreak specialist did not stop surprising with his quantum poetry. An art that could not explain to Carlos Sobera but not to his appointment.

Among his most outstanding features is his dog. "It's called Wolframio or Tugsteno, as they can not agree, every day I call him in a way ". All very scientific. In fact, Diana herself did not know how to respond to the diner in front of her. I could only listen and open my eyes wide.

In addition, as he is in disagreement with the world at this current stage, Ramón believes that "as the world is upside down as a silent complaint to the prosaic of everyday life" always wear the jacket upside down. That's why it's "Timeless". This diner was not considered at any time, only his.

Faced with this reality, Diana could only argue that she had not felt the necessary crush to be able to have a new date. Yes as a friend, but not as something else. Ramón, on the other hand, claimed not to have felt the "cosmic connection " Enough to have a new appointment.

You can see the appointment here.

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